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In the chemical processing industry, your machinery and equipment needs to be cleaned of a lot more than just dirt. And keeping your facility clean is about a lot more than just aesthetics. The chemicals you work with every day can be corrosive, flammable, even toxic, so it's important that you keep your equipment and structures clean. Safety and cleanliness go hand in hand in chemical processing, and there's no better way to cut through dirt, grease, and chemical buildup than with a Cam Spray washing system.

Cam Spray manufactures a wide range of pressure washers and washing systems, making it easy to find the right option for your chemical processing cleaning application. Our hot water pressure washers, cold water pressure washers, trailer mounted pressure washers, and other high powered systems deliver superior performance and the highest quality construction available. Cam Spray builds over 180 different pressure washer models and styles, in electric, gas, and diesel powered configurations, to wash away potentially hazardous chemicals along with the usual dirt that comes from a hard day's work.

Our pressure washers are perfect for cleaning:

  • Pumps and mixers
  • Tanks, inside and out
  • Specialized equipment such as autoclaves and separators
  • Concrete and cement walls and floors

Work in chemical processing presents new varieties of dirt and grime that other industries don't experience. Cam Spray's pressure washers and washing systems will help you clean the machines that make your processes work. There is no job too big or too dirty for a Cam Spray industrial washing system.

Contact us to learn more about our pressure washers and equipment for the chemical processing industry.

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