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Misting Systems

Every custom misting system Cam Spray sells is designed and built on an individual basis. We do not mass produce any kind of misting unit, but rather create each system specifically for its placement and use. The size and structure of our misting units are customized to fit any application for which they’ll be used.

Misting systems have various applications in the agricultural and commercial sectors. They can be used to control dust, to control odor, or to reduce ammonia and/or hydrogen sulfide levels in the air. Misting units are also effective for pest control, temperature regulation, and humidity control.

Cam Spray’s custom designed misting systems are most often used in the commercial agricultural sector. We can, for example, be part of the larger design processes for a poultry production facility. A custom misting system helps reduce levels of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia in the air, as well as providing dust suppression. This is an essential part of any livestock operation, as a carefully designed misting system will help increase the quality of the meat being produced, while reducing the mortality rate of the animals.

Misting systems are also especially useful for commercial recreational and entertainment applications in hot, arid climates. Even on the hottest, sunniest day, a carefully placed and well timed misting unit can make any restaurant patio area comfortable.

The possibilities don’t end there, however. If you have a need for a misting system, contact Cam Spray with your ideas. Our knowledgeable staff and experienced designers will create a custom misting system to improve your air quality and improve your business.

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