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Replacement Parts

Cam Spray washing systems are built to last. But, because our pressure washers and drain jetters take on demanding work loads over long hours, replacement parts are sometimes necessary. It’s not unusual for a Cam Spray pressure washer to run forty hours a week, fifty weeks a year. In that type of commercial application, users may require a new trigger gun several times a year. We provide replacement trigger guns and other parts to keep your water blasters and pumps performing at their peak.

Cam Spray carries a wide range of replacement parts, including, but not limited to: trigger guns, spray wands, nozzles, hoses, seal kits, and valve kits. The replacement parts we stock are designed to work well with all Cam Spray machines, but many of these parts are versatile enough to work with other manufacturers’ pressure washers and drain jetters, as well. We supply an array of products in various sizes, styles, and materials of construction. These products are compatible with a number of brands and product lines, to guarantee usability and versatility.

Look to Cam Spray not only for top-of-the-line equipment, but also for replacement parts to keep that equipment running smoothly. Our machines are up to any challenge your work presents. When you work them hard and find you need replacement parts, Cam Spray has you covered. Contact us today for the replacement parts your pressure washer, drain jetter, or other equipment needs.

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50' Replacement Hose with NPT fittings

50' Replacement Hose with NPT fittings

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