Pork Production Power Washers and Drain Jetters We started the Cam Spray business right in the heart of pork production in Central Iowa. In the 1980s, we learned that most of the time, the standard off-the-shelf pressure washer would not survive a life in livestock confinement. From family operations to large corporate growers, from Utah to North Carolina, from Canada to South Texas, we are there and know what it takes to build durable equipment for your operation.

Designed & Built to Perform in Your Environment

During those early years, many operations started on older farm sites with existing wells and electrical systems. As these operations grew, the pressure washers were taking a beating from inadequate water supplies and rural electrical service not designed for the new load. We had to design around these challenges. We made site visits to take water supply and electrical measurements at nearly every new location and would design and build equipment to fit and perform under the restrictions and harshness of the environment.

Crossing Every “t” & Dotting Every “i” for Durability & Safety

Several decades later, we keep that same mindset when we speak to you about your facility; we ask questions about the infrastructure of your facility, where the equipment is to be located, the electrical service capabilities, and the quality and supply of the water before we ever recommend a pressure washer or drain and sewer jetter for your livestock facility. We ask about the L.P. or Natural Gas supply and the amount of gas available in the room where you will be using for the wash systems, even down to the availability of outside air, sealing off the room from outside ventilation, proper venting, and draft. We are here to cover every aspect of your cleaning process to ensure long equipment life and maintain a clean and safe environment for your livestock and employees.

Service & Service Training for Cost/Time Savings & Bio-Security

It was not long before we realized several things about livestock operations. Most facilities were located in a rural setting, sometimes miles from the nearest repairman. The number of facilities was growing beyond the available pressure washer suppliers’ service capabilities. Then we added to that equation issues of biosecurity. The last thing anyone needed was the repairman being the carrier of harmful diseases from site to site. Cam Spray started providing training in simple maintenance and repair procedures to maintenance staff, site managers, and owners of small operations. Equipped with the right training and our phone support, over 80% of the problems that occur can be taken care of quickly, right on site, eliminating the long wait for an outside repairman to get there and the largest threat, a risky biosecurity breach. In one large operation in the mid-1980s, this program saved over $200,000 in the first year.

We are just a phone call away

Do you like what you see in the solutions we have developed? Contact us today! We would love to talk with you about your facilities and kick around a few ideas to make your life easier. Let us help you add some peace of mind and life to your equipment!

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