Janitorial Pressure Washers Over thirty years ago, Cam Spray started a relationship with one company in the janitorial market. This relationship helped us transform equipment that was designed for the agricultural and industrial markets into machinery still used in the janitorial market today. That company is no longer in business under the same name, but that relationship taught us to respond to the needs of the janitorial industry. 

Designed for the janitorial industry

We designed our electric powered equipment for the janitorial market with form and function in mind. Electrical and water supplies in schools, office buildings, and grocery stores many times are not adequate to handle the load of machines used in industrial processing plants. So we spent the time to size products and package them to be convenient and easy to operate on the resources available in the service industry.  

Best Service in the industry

Another thing we learned: institutions that buy products from local janitorial suppliers get the best service in the world. We have long-term relationships with many large janitorial companies. While they have grown large and cover all of North America, their reputation and service remain the same. Call us with any questions you have, concerns about your cleaning application, and help choosing the right machinery for your requirements. We will help you make your decisions and match you up with a local supplier you probably already know.

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