Industrial Drain & Sewer Jetters

A hydro jetter is a high-performance drain cleaning system that utilizes extremely high pressured water to clear impediments in commercial drains, residential drains and larger sewage drains. Sewer jetters are comprised of an engine, pump, water tank, reel and length of hose with various attachments that can be used for several types of clogs. The length of operation use will depend on the size of the water tank and the amount of water that is used for the job. Drain jetters are usually mounted on the bed of a truck or are attached to a trailer and towed to each job site.
Cam Spray began producing drain and sewer jetting equipment in the early 1980s. During a partnership with a franchise drain cleaning company, we worked on the idea of modifying a pressure washer system into a drain jetter.
Partnering with pump, hose and nozzle manufacturers, Cam Spray offered the first electric powered sewer and drain jetters on the market. This has grown into a full line of hydro jetting machines for sewer pipe diameters up to 20” or more. We offer a full line of options, including
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Cold Water Drain & Sewer Hydro Jetters

Cold water hydro jetters for sewer and drain cleaning are the most prevalent and cost-effective sewer jetting machines currently available. Sewer jetting jobs can be hard, but 95% of the jobs can be handled sufficiently with cold water. Cam Spray offers a cold water portable drain jetter for your specific application needs. We offer small 2” lines with a cold water electric hydro jetter, 4” and 6” lines with a cold water portable gas powered drain jetter, all the way up to 24” lines with a cold water diesel powered sewer jetter. Some of the additional benefits of a cold water hydro jetter, include:
  • Energy efficient
  • Smaller unit size
  • Durable & strong
  • Economical
  • High-pressure capabilities

Hot Water Drain & Sewer Hydro Jetters

There are many sewer and drain cleaning jobs that specifically require the use of hot water to accomplish the job in an adequate manner. Hot water drain and sewer jetters provide an effective way to melt away ice and grease quickly with water temperatures up to 160° F. The 160-degree limit is levied by jetter hose temperature limitations. There is currently is not a jet hose being manufactured that accepts temperatures that exceed 160° F. Other considerable advantages, include:
  • Extended cost savings
  • Increased cleaning ability
  • Quickly dries
  • Eliminates or reduces detergent expenses

Custom Built Drain & Sewer Jetters

At Cam Spray we can design and build custom drain and sewer jetting machines that have the capabilities to fulfill your exact requirement needs. Whether it is a specific size for your truck, a precise psi requirement, or water flowage need, we have the design build expertise that is required for power jet drain cleaners.

Hydro Jetter Transportable Options

Our compact, portable sewer and drain jetters can fit in the trunk of most cars for easy transport. Our larger trailer mounted sewer jetters are designed to be pulled behind a vehicle. Van, truck, and skid mounted drain and sewer jetters let you bring commercial-grade cleaning power wherever you need it with the convenience and portability of a utility truck or enclosed van.
Drain & Sewer Jetter Power Capabilities
While all Cam Spray drain and sewer jetters are designed for use in commercial jobs, every application presents its own challenges, and the power level of a drain jetter is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Underpowered equipment won't do the job for tougher clogs or larger drain lines; an overpowered sewer jetter hose can be hard to navigate in smaller lines and can damage the drainage system. Fortunately, we offer industrial sewer and drain jetters in a range of sizes and power levels. Whether the drain line is two inches or 20 inches, Cam Spray products can easily take on the toughest clogs.

Drain & Sewer Hydro Jetter Sizing Options

The information listed below is intended to provide the user with basic sizing and flow options for drain and sewer jetting. The flow of the jet drain cleaner has a lot to do with the size of drain and sewer lines you can navigate. The operating pressure that is delivered in the drain also determines how far into the drain lines you can clean as well. We hear customer success stories of doing a big job with an undersized machine, but often greater flow and pressure win out. The experience of the operator, power of the machine, hose size and length, number of elbows in the line and condition of the line will impact your jetting results. The following bullets outline an approximate sizing and flow guideline for successful drain and sewer jetting:
  • 2 gallons per minute, up to 3” average pipe size range
  • 3-4 gallons per minute, up to 4” average pipe size range
  • 5-8 gallons per minute, up to 6” average pipe size range
  • 10-12 gallons per minute, up to 10” average pipe size range
  • 15 gallons per minute, up to 16” average pipe size range
  • 18-20 gallons per minute, up to 24” average pipe size range
  • 35 gallons per minute & greater, up to 36” average pipe size range

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Pressure Washer
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