Industrial Drain & Sewer Jetters

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Industrial drain and sewer jetters are high-performance drain cleaning systems that utilize extremely high-pressure water for clearing impediments in commercial, residential, and larger sewage drains. They are comprised of an engine, pump, water tank, reel, and length of hose with various attachments to clear the clog.

For over five decades, Cam Spray has provided heavy-duty sewer jetters that are durable, rugged, and built to last. In the 1980s, we introduced the first electric-powered sewer and drain jetters on the market and have since grown our stock into a full line of hydro jetting machines. Call us at 800-648-5011 to speak with a representative directly about our tradition of sewer jetting excellence or to learn more about our available products.
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Cold Water Drain & Sewer Jetters

Cold water hydro drain and sewer jetters are the most prevalent and cost-effective jetters currently available. Energy-efficient, durable, and high-pressure, our cold water models can handle 95% of sewer jetting jobs. Our stock includes electric hydro jetters, gas-powered drain jetters, and diesel-powered sewer jetters with a variety of portability options: Other configurations and considerations include your PSI requirements, GPM flow capabilities, and the average pipe size for your planned use. Consult the table below to find your best option.

Flow in Gallons Per Minute (GPM)

Average Pipe Size

2-3 GPM 2” to short run 4”
4-5 GPM 4” to short run 6”
6-8 GPM Up to 8”
10-12 GPM Up to 10”
15 GPM Up to 16”
18-20 GPM Up to 20”

Hot Water Drain & Sewer Jetters

Industrial hot water drain and sewer jetters effectively melt ice and grease quickly with water heated up to 160°F. Other advantages include:
  • Increased cleaning ability
  • Eliminated or reduced detergent expenses
  • Ability to use cold or hot water
  • And more!

Custom-Built Drain & Sewer Hydro Jetters

At Cam Spray, we can design and build the best custom drain and sewer jetting machines on the market. Our design-build experts work closely with your team to fulfill your exact requirements, whether you need a specific size, a precise PSI requirement, or a particular water flowage capability. 

Choosing the Right Sewer & Drain Jetter for Your Industry

We provide heavy-duty solutions for everyday problems in any industrial drain or sewer clearing application. Cam Spray is proud to offer models designed for a range of industries, including: While all Cam Spray drain and sewer jetters are built to take on most industrial clogs, every application presents its own challenges. If you’re not sure what sewer jetter you need for your job, read our Ultimate Guide to Sewer Jetters.

Your Ultimate Guide to Sewer Jetters

How do sewer jetters work? What’s the difference between a drain jetter and a pressure washer? Are industrial sewer jetters right for your clearing job? Is a gas-powered, diesel-powered, or electric-powered sewer jetter better for your blockage? The Cam Spray experts have the answers. Visit our Ultimate Guide to Sewer Jetters resource to learn more about selecting an industrial sewer jetter, available configurations, and much more!

Cam Spray is Your Go-To Custom USA-Made Drain Jetter Manufacturer

Cam Spray is a family-owned and operated business headquartered in Iowa Falls, Iowa. Our industrial drain jetters are built and assembled in America and are hand-tested before shipping to you. Our customer service team is rigorously trained and able to solve over 80% of problems in the field to keep your job running smoothly and with minimal interruption. From training services to providing replacement parts for Cam Spray equipment, we’re ready to find your best solution.

Contact us for more information on our high-powered, high-performance drain and sewer jetters for commercial or industrial applications. Request a quote for an in-depth price analysis today.

Pressure Washer
Our American made pressure washers and drain jetters are built the old-fashioned way: one at a time and tested by hand