ind_served_government Pressure washer equipment and industrial sewer and drain jetter systems are key components of many military, municipality, and government cleaning applications. Cam Spray can meet the needs of most jobs, from cleaning aircraft in combat zones to unclogging sewer lines in rural Louisiana. Our team of engineers and power washing experts believe that every job is an important one, and we will support your essential applications through high-quality and high-performance power washing and jetting equipment manufactured in the USA: If you’re unsure which pressure washer or sewer jetter is best for your military, municipality, or government job, visit our Ultimate Guide to Sewer Jetters and Ultimate Guide to Pressure Washers. To speak with a representative about your options, contact us or call 800-648-5011 today.

Government, Municipality & Military Pressure Washing Applications

Cam Spray’s broad range of pressure washers and drain jetting equipment is ultra-reliable and regularly used within almost every cleaning environment. With decades in the pressure washing business, we have the government, municipality, and military pressure washing systems you need to complete your job on time and within budget.

Government Pressure Washing Systems

Every day, the federal government completes an extensive range of cleaning and clearing jobs using Cam Spray government pressure washing systems and sewer jetter equipment. Our pressure washers have been or are currently used for:
  • 2001 World Trade Center disaster
  • Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Defense commissary facilities worldwide
  • Boeing Aircraft special projects division
  • FBI Training Academy
  • The White House
  • The FBI headquarters
  • Naval Air Station Guantanamo Bay
  • Air Force Academy kitchen and mess hall facility
  • Electric Boat Company (a nuclear submarine manufacturer)
  • NASA facilities

Military Pressure Washing Equipment Solutions

Cam Spray’s military pressure washing equipment is the prime choice for US military operations. Our products offer everything from small cold water units to fixed oil-fired configurations through tactical trailer-mounted machines.
  • Washing tanks
  • Stripping barnacles and algae from ships
  • Cleaning aircrafts
  • Washing trucks used in disaster relief
  • And many others!

Industrial Municipality Pressure Washers & Disaster Relief Aids

From the day-to-day cleaning jobs that keep municipalities running to cleanup efforts after an emergency or natural disaster, Cam Spray builds your best municipality pressure washer equipment. We can help you tackle:
  • Soot and burn removal
  • Mold remediation on sidewalks, driveways, exterior walls, and other hardscaping
  • Emergency vehicle cleaning, such as fire trucks, ambulances, and others
  • Sewer and infrastructure
  • Keeping pests from public buildings
  • Increasing public health and safety
  • And much more!

Choose Cam Spray for Municipality, Military & Government Pressure Washing Systems

Cam Spray is a USA-owned and operated manufacturer of durable and reliable pressure washing systems for municipality, military, and government operations. Hard work, faith, and family values are at the center of every order as we strive for your complete satisfaction and assist you in completing critical jobs that maintain our nation at home and worldwide.

Contact us for more information on our pressure washers and drain jetting equipment for the federal government, municipality, facilities management, and disaster relief applications, or request a quote today!
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