Industrial Pressure Washers We were born in the industrial marketplace. In 1971, our sister company Campbell Supply Company was just a few years old and was selling almost all of the items to build pressure washers. Industrial companies were calling for pressure washers to be fully assembled, and from this necessity, the Cam Spray product line has evolved from just two models to a full line of Hot and Cold water pressure washers as well as sewer and drain jetting equipment. 

Heavy-Duty Pressure Washers for All Industries

We produce today over 200 different models of pressure washers to tackle any cleaning job. Hot and cold water pressure washers powered by electric motors, gasoline, or diesel powered engines to operate indoors and outdoors. From portable models to skid models to large-scale self-contained machines on trailers with their own water supply, we have machines for the toughest jobs in the industry.

Custom-Built Pressure Solutions for Any Industrial Application

Cam Spray takes pride in making sure each machine works for the job it was designed to do. If you do not see a standard machine we make that is exactly what you want just give us a call. We know not every application can be handled by a machine we have ready to go on the shelf. When you call us, we will talk about your needs and how you want your machine to be designed and built. Many times with a machine designed for your application you will save more money in efficiency than what it takes to get exactly what you need. We also are able to turn around most custom products in less than 2 to 4 weeks. 

Sales, Service & Delivery from someone near you

Cam Spray pressure washers are sold through a network of distributors, one of whom can be found near you—often from a supplier with whom you already do business. Trusted local suppliers that will also offer service after the sale!
Contact us today for more information or a consultation on your custom built machine!

Suggested Heavy-Duty Pressure Washers for the Industrial Marketplace: