Plumbing Drain Jetters and Power WashersNot many people can survive the life of a plumber. When you think about it, how many people are happy and excited when they get to call the plumber to their home or business? Seems they only call when things are broken or plugged up, and that already makes for a stressed relationship! Then the plumber gets left to deal with plugged sewer and drain lines. It is never pleasant, it will be a mess and you, the plumber, come to the rescue to make it all better again.

The best equipment for the job

This is where the Cam Spray sewer and drain jetting equipment can make all the difference in the world for how your day goes in the plumbing industry. Cam Spray has provided sewer jetters for plumbing professionals since 1982. Back then we developed a single small electric powered hand carry jetter to work in 2” lines. We worked with a pump manufacturer to disable one valve in a two plunger pump to make the machine pulse, and this pulse action helped to pull the hose longer distances into the drain lines and navigate tight corners. This pulse feature is still offered today on most of the machines we build.

Powerful, Durable & easy to operate

Over the past four decades, the equipment Cam Spray builds has evolved into variations of trailer, skid, and portable designs to fit the needs of the plumbing industry today. We also provide specialty nozzles, portable reel carts, and other accessories to enhance your equipment’s performance.

The most frequent compliment we hear from our customers is how easy to use our equipment is. We are not caught up in trying every electronic gadget and gizmo that can be added to the machine—which at the same time add headaches when they don’t work. We keep our machines simple to operate and maintain. This way training is easy, operation is easy, repairs are easy. Many of our customers have tried the other things, and though other models may be nice for a little while, they always come back to simpler things!

Check out our custom built sewer jetters! If you want something built to fit in a specific space, call us! If you want something you have never seen done before, call us! You have some ideas to make your job easier, we would love to spend some time with you and talk about your next sewer and drain jetter. Your time spent in the plumbing industry and our time spent designing equipment for professionals should make a good team!

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