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Industrial Hot Water Drain & Sewer Jetters

Industrial drain and sewer jetters use a high-pressure stream of water to push out stubborn clogs, clear obstructions, and clean the insides of drainage or sewage systems. While a cold water hydro jetter will complete many industrial jobs, there are times hot water seals the deal as the heat quickly melts away ice, grease, and other blockages.

For decades, Cam Spray has been an industry leader in building hot water sewer and drain jetters. Whether you require a portable, van-mounted, or custom-made drain or sewer jetter, we have the expertise and experience to find the best high-pressure solution for your application. 
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Considerations for Choosing the Right Hot Water Drain & Sewer Jetter

While cold water sewer and drain jetters can flush most lines, hot water will break down grease, oils, fats, ice, and more. The hot water is produced using a high-pressure coil and burner assembly. While this heating system does result in a slightly higher operational cost than cold water hydro jetters, it also creates added flexibility. Simply turn the burner off when hot water is unnecessary and operate your sewer and drain jetter with cold water.
Our sewer and drain jetting machines use gasoline or diesel fuel and are designed to be used outdoors. Cam Spray’s hot water sewer jetters feature:
  • Water temperatures up to 160°F
  • Efficient gas engines
  • Available hot water attachments for jetters up to 8 GPM
  • 3000-4000 PSI operating capacity, depending on the model
  • Plus much more

Portable Hot Water Drain & Sewer Jetters

Portable hot water drain and sewer jetters are mounted on a cart and weigh less than van-mounted options. This setup is ideal for accessing hard-to-reach areas or environments requiring easy maneuverability. However, portable hot water drain and sewer jetters do not have as much water capacity as van-mounted hot water hydro jetters, meaning that you must provide a water source to allow for continuous use.

Van-Mounted Hot Water Hydro Jetters

While not as maneuverable as portable hydro jetters, van-mounted drain and sewer jetters have large water tanks, eliminating the need for a secondary water source in most applications. These sturdy options weigh more than portable jetters, but they are still easy to move from job site to job site. A larger, durable construction allows for a higher horsepower capacity than other drain or sewer jetters. 

Custom Hot Water Drain & Sewer Jetters

We understand certain applications involve specifications that our standard hot water drain and sewer jetters do not meet. That’s why we offer custom-built options for our entire inventory. We have the capabilities to design, manufacture, and deliver a completely custom hot water drain and sewer jetter to meet any specification. 

Hot Water Hydro Jetters for Any Industry

Many industries require high-pressure solutions to keep their day-to-day applications running efficiently. We are ready to work with any industrial application, including: Read our customer testimonials to discover what Cam Spray has done for our past clients and learn what we can do for your industry.

Considerations for Purchasing an Industrial Sewer Jetter

Industrial sewer jetters quickly and efficiently clear large blockages, tough obstructions, and other obstacles in pipe systems or sewers. However, determining which configuration or model of sewer jetter is best for your fleet or facility can sometimes be a challenge. We break down the considerations, factors, and options available for industrial sewer jetters in our Ultimate Guide to Sewer Jetters. Find your best drain-clearing solution today!

Your #1 Manufacturer of American-Made Hot Water Jetters

We lead the pressure-washing and hydro-jetting industries from our headquarters in Iowa Falls, Iowa. Cam Spray is proud to support an inventory of over 200 models of standard and custom pressure washers, sewer jetters, and more. In addition to our rotating roster of new products for sale, we also supply replacement parts and training services to help you get your job done.

Contact us today to get started with your hot water sewer and drain jetter solution. To receive an in-depth price analysis, request a quote.
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