Pressure Washer Accessories & Attachments

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Pressure washer accessories include a range of helpful tools to improve your pressure-washing projects and streamline overall operations. From hoses to connectors to specialized nozzles, Cam Spray has the best pressure washer attachments for your equipment. We offer new and replacement accessories for pressure washers and sewer jetters to provide you with the right solutions for your needs.

With over 60 years of experience, Cam Spray is an industry-leading manufacturer of pressure washers and sewer jetters. Contact us or call 641-200-1139 today for additional assistance in finding the right accessories for your machine.

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Pressure Washer Attachments from Cam Spray

Cam Spray supplies a range of accessories and attachments for pressure washers, providing you with the best equipment and solutions for a range of pressure washing applications.


The correct hose for your pressure washer will help keep your equipment functioning at maximum capacity for successful operations. Cam Spray offers a range of pressure washer hoses in various lengths, diameters, materials, and connection styles to provide you with the best solution for your machine.


Hose reels help organize pressure washer hoses for easy storage and identification. These hose reels are available in a range of styles, including mounted, swivel, and portable, to assist your precise pressure washer needs. 

Quick Couplers

Designed to assist with the easy attachment and removal of hoses from pressure washers, quick couplers also increase the capabilities and functionality of your machinery to fulfill a wide range of demands.


The right pressure washer nozzles or spray tips are critical for accurate and safe pressure washing operations. Available in a wide variety of sizes and pressure capabilities, nozzles help ensure precision washing.

Guns & Wands

Pressure washer guns and wands act as extensions of your machine, helping to extend your reach, increase your capabilities, and expand your overall cleaning operations.

Sewer Jetter Accessories

Sewer jetter accessories are specially designed to increase the performance of sewer jetters. Carts and other accessories help increase portability to support various drain and sewer jetting projects and applications.

Additional Accessories

Various additional pressure washer attachments are designed for specialty uses and applications and feature accessories including blast gates, draft diverters, draft inducers, and more.

Replacement Parts & Accessories for Pressure Washers

At Cam Spray, we provide an extensive range of high-quality pressure washer replacement parts designed for numerous machine styles and sizes. Our replacement attachments help you complete your pressure-washing projects quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on top-quality accessories and seamless integration for cleaning made easy. Explore our selection of replacement parts to help keep your pressure-washing equipment running smoothly.

Cam Spray Pressure Washer Guides & Resources

In addition to high-quality pressure washers and accessories, Cam Spray offers an array of informational resources and guides for your assistance. Years of our experts’ combined experiences are outlined in our library, helping you complete your pressure-washing applications with immediate, reliable information.

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Cam Spray is a leading manufacturer of reliable pressure washers and sewer jetters. Our extensive selection of products is designed to provide you with everything you need to succeed. No matter your project, Cam Spray has the solution for you.

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