Pressure Washer Quick Couplers

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Pressure washer quick couplers extend the functionality and reach of your industrial cleaning equipment. Quick couplers are designed to attach or remove pressure washer hoses with no difficulty. As the leading supplier of quick couplers and other pressure washer accessories, Cam Spray offers two configurations of quick couplers to match the needs of your industrial or commercial cleaning application:
  • “Twist-fast” couplers with a 22mm design. These pressure washer quick couplers come in either plug or socket with NPT male or female thread. Built to be threaded together, these couplers feature a knurled knob and O-ring fit, making it easy to hand tighten for a high-quality seal.
  • “Plug-and-socket” couplers. These high-performance pressure washer quick couplers include a collar on the socket. This collar is pulled back to insert the plug. The collar is then locked forward to seal the plug into the O-ring seat. These quick couplers are available with NPT male and female threaded sockets and a 1/4", 3/8” or ½” plug to fit either spray tips or 3/8” and ½” hoses.
Various sizes and configurations are available for both types of pressure washer quick couplers. Explore Cam Spray’s extensive inventory and order today! Contact us with any questions, for assistance navigating our options, or to learn more about our quick couplers’ capabilities.
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Improve Industrial Pressure Washing Operations with Quality Quick Couplers

Quick couplers for industrial and commercial pressure washers add flexibility, reach, and versatility to your existing pressure washers and high-powered cleaning equipment. As your full-service quick coupler supplier, Cam Spray is prepared to deliver solutions for any pressure washer machinery, including: Quick couplers are also ideal for improving cleaning capabilities for custom-built pressure washers. For assistance navigating your options and finding the best pressure washer quick coupler for your equipment, call 800-648-5011 today. Our expert and helpful representatives will discuss your specifications to find your best solution.

Choose Cam Spray as Your Trusted Pressure Washer Quick Coupler Supplier

Cam Spray is the #1 manufacturer of industrial pressure washers and drain jetters to clean messes across markets and applications. In addition to our standard designs and custom capabilities, we are the leading pressure washer accessories supplier, including high-performance and durable quick couplers. As a family-owned and USA-operated company, we keep our core values of hard work, quality, and excellent service at the heart of every order.

For more information about our products and capabilities or to receive assistance finding a non-standard or hard-to-source quick coupler, contact us or request a quote. We’ll be in touch to identify your best solution and get your cleaning job up and running as soon as possible.
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