Cold Water Pressure Washers

Many dirty jobs can be effectively completed with a hydraulic, diesel, gas, or electric cold water pressure washer. Cold water pressure power washers are lighter and less expensive than heated models, but still maintain many of the heated models beneficial features.

How do Cold Water Power Washers Work?

Pressure washers use pumps, powered by gas engines or electric motors, to amplify the water creating high pressure, which provides the power necessary for a variety of cleaning applications.

Cold Water Power Washer Mounting Types

Our electric poweredgas powereddiesel and hydraulic powered cold water pressure washer options will fit any cleaning application you may have. We offer cold water pressure washers in many design styles including:

Electric Powered Cold Water Pressure Washers

Electric Powered Advantages

Electric cold water pressure washers are extremely efficient. The cost of operation varies by the horsepower of the motor but is less expensive than the operational costs of either gas or diesel powered engines. Electrically powered cold water washers can also last 2 to 3 times longer than conventional fossil fuel powered engines, and usually require less maintenance.

Electric Powered Disadvantages

It is important to keep in mind that electrically powered units need to always be plugged into some sort of an outlet, so that can often hinder a job, depending on the application. Also, pay close attention to the specific model’s power source rating. Adequate electrical service is necessary to handle the load of a pressure washer. Additionally, an extension cord is not recommended since it will degrade the available power and can cause motor failure.

Gas Powered Cold Water Power Washers

Gas Powered Advantages

The greatest advantage of a gas cold water pressure washer is that you can pretty much take it anywhere you go. A gas engine will also provide a higher psi than most electrically powered unit, which is extremely beneficial for those extra greasy jobs.

Gas Powered Disadvantages

The only glaring disadvantages of a gas powered cold water power washer is that they are louder than electrical units, and can cost a bit more to operate. However, a gas powered pressure washers increased efficiency usually makes up for that cost.

Diesel Powered Cold Water Pressure Washers

Diesel Powered Advantages

Diesel cold water pressure washers maintain many of the same advantages as gas powered units, however, diesel washers are purchased for other significant reasons. Diesel engine applications are usually running 8 to 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, often in critical environments. Diesel engines are built to sustain that amount of use.

Diesel Powered Disadvantages

There are also certain drawbacks that are associated with diesel powered engines. Another major consideration is noise level. Gas and diesel engines operate in decibel ranges that can cause hearing loss if hearing protection is not worn.

Hydraulic Powered Cold Water Pressure Washers

Hydraulic Powered Advantages

Our hydraulic cold water power washers are extremely compact and powerful. These types of pressure washers usually function off the hydraulics of other machines. This type of exchange is extremely useful not only for the applications that are being cleaned by the power washer, but also for the machine lines that the cold water is running through.

Hydraulic Powered Disadvantages

One glaring drawback of a hydraulic pressure washer is that you need existing hydraulic power source to connect to. A hydraulic operation can also be extremely immobile, potentially limiting the areas of use.

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