Cold Water Pressure Washers

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Heavy-duty industrial or commercial cleaning jobs require high-pressure and powerful solutions. Built to make the most of your resources while delivering exacting results, Cam Spray’s unheated line of commercial cold water power washers is your best option. Using pumps powered by gas engines or electric motors to provide a high-pressure stream of cold water, our USA-made equipment quickly and efficiently cuts through the toughest messes.

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Industrial Cold Water Pressure Washers to Match Your Requirements

Unheated cold water power washers can handle the majority of cleaning jobs. To meet your industrial or commercial needs, Cam Spray specializes in manufacturing built-to-last commercial pressure washers that deliver comprehensive cleaning capabilities. Options include: Note: Fuel-powered pressure washers should only be used outdoors. Indoor and unventilated applications require a hydraulic or electric cold water pressure washer. 

Custom Cold Water Pressure Washers

Don’t see what you need? As the market’s go-to commercial power washer manufacturer, our team is here to help. We will work with you to design a custom unheated cold water pressure washer that meets any specification, every time. Call 641-200-1839 today to discuss your design requirements.

The Advantages of Unheated Cold Water Power Washers

Compared to their hot water power washer counterparts, commercial cold water pressure washers are lighter, less expensive, and provide quality cleaning for most industrial applications. They also offer:
  • Improved fuel efficiency for diesel and gas-powered models
  • Lower upfront and operational costs
  • Many portability options
  • Vast range of PSI and GPM capabilities to match your specifications
  • Durable constructions for long-lasting results
  • And other advantages!

Expert Knowledge from the #1 Commercial Power Washer Manufacturer

Purchasing industrial cleaning equipment is a significant investment for any business, fleet, or facility. In addition to water temperature, other factors such as operational hours, portability requirements, and more impact which commercial unheated pressure washer model suits your goals. Our Ultimate Guide to Pressure Washers is designed to streamline your research. Find tips, tricks, and answers to your questions, including:

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Since opening our doors in 1964, Cam Spray has set the industry standard for commercial cold water pressure washing equipment. We maintain a list of over 200 pressure washer models to ensure we can satisfy the demands of most orders. Our vast market-specific experience makes us the ideal partner for tackling tough industrial cleaning jobs across sectors, including: Contact us for more information on our industrial heavy-duty cold water power washers. Request a quote to start an in-depth price analysis. Our expertly trained customer support team will be in touch shortly to discuss the best commercial cold water pressure washers for your application.


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