Industrial Cold Water Pressure Washers

Industrial cold water pressure washers from Cam Spray use pumps powered by gas engines or electric motors to provide a high-pressure stream of cold water for cleaning applications. Compared to their hot water power washer counterparts, cold water pressure washers are lighter, less expensive, and provide quality cleaning for most industrial applications.

Available Industrial Cold Water Pressure Washers

Many dirty jobs can be effectively completed with a hydraulic, diesel, gas, or electric cold water pressure washers. We offer many design styles to meet your industrial or commercial needs.

Electric-Powered Industrial Pressure Washers

Electric industrial cold water pressure washers are extremely efficient. Compared to gas or diesel power washers, electrical pressure washers cost less to operate, last significantly longer, and usually require less maintenance. However, electric cold water pressure washers must always be plugged into an outlet with the appropriate power rating, making them ideal for indoor or non-mobile applications.

Gas-Powered Industrial Pressure Washers

Gas-powered cold water pressure washers can go wherever your job requires. They provide a higher PSI than most electrical power washers, making these pressure washers an excellent fit for extra-greasy jobs. Gas industrial pressure washers cost more than other models, but the increased efficiency and advanced capabilities make up for that cost. Gas-powered pressure washers should only be used outdoors.

Diesel-Powered Industrial Pressure Washers

Diesel cold water pressure washers maintain many of the same advantages as gas-powered units but are better suited to applications requiring continuous and sustainable power washing capabilities. Diesel engines can run eight to ten hours a day, seven days a week, often in rugged critical environments. Due to the produced decibel of noise, ear protection is recommended near diesel-powered pressure washers. They should only be used outdoors.

Hydraulic Industrial Pressure Washers

Compact and powerful, our hydraulic cold water pressure washers usually function off the hydraulics of other machines. This exchange is useful for both the surface being cleaned and the machine lines the cold water runs through. However, a hydraulic source is required for operations, meaning that hydraulic pressure washers are ideal for immobile cleaning applications with limited areas of use.

Custom Cold Water Pressure Washers

Don't see what you need? Our manufacturing team will work with you to design a custom industrial cold water pressure washer that meets any specification, every time. We can handle most custom power washing designs, from unusual sizes to precise PSI needs, for any industrial or commercial application.

The Industry’s Best High-Pressure Cold Water Power Washing Solutions

Since opening our doors in 1963, Cam Spray has set the industry standard for industrial cold water pressure washing equipment. We maintain a stock of over 200 models of standard and custom pressure washers, sewer jetters, and other power washer equipment for many industries, including: We are constantly adding new products as well as supplying replacement parts and comprehensive training services so you can get your job done quickly, efficiently, and on time.

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