Power Washing Robots

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Robotic pressure washers are designed to simplify washing operations while providing exceptionally clean results. Cam Spray proudly distributes high-power robots that are fed high pressure waster from Cam Sprays existing line of pressure washers for applications requiring intense cleaning procedures. With an emphasis on first-rate products and excellent services, we are your trusted distributor of Washpower’s power-washing robots.

Cam Spray delivers high-quality pressure-washing equipment to provide safe and efficient solutions. For reliable industrial pressure washers and services you can trust, contact us or call 641-200-1139 today.
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Benefits of Robotic Pressure Washers

Using power washing robots for industrial cleaning applications offers numerous advantages. Their high power capabilities reduce the labor spent on washing projects by up to 80%, allowing you to devote valuable time and money to other operations. Additional benefits of using pressure washer robots for power cleaning applications include:
  • Automated Processing
  • Clean & Healthy Environment
  • Improved Worker Morale
  • Increased Employee Retention
  • Reduced Strain & Stress
  • Saved Time & Labor

Available Washpower ProCleaner Pressure Washer Robots

Cam Spray is proud to supply the XS100 robotic pressure washer model. This fully automated machine is ideal for intense cleaning applications in pork production because of its high-powered capacity and ongoing operational capabilities. The XS100 model has several advantageous features, including but not limited to:
  • Extension Arms
  • Fully-Automated Wash Cycles
  • Mobile & Easy to Store
  • Powerful Nozzles
  • Side Guides
  • User-Friendly Controls
  • And More!

Cam Spray Is Your Reliable Distributor of Top-Quality Power Washing Robots

As a leading provider of pressure washers, sewer jetters, and pressure washer robots, Cam Spray has the right cleaning solutions for you. We offer an array of pressure-washing equipment designed for cleaning applications across all industries. Request a quote to begin your order, or contact us today, and an expert will assist you with any questions.
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