Gas Powered Pressure Washers-Hot Water (Diesel Fuel Heated)

Cam Spray’s gas powered hot water pressure washers are portable, high powered and do not require an electrical plug in source. Our heavy duty, high powered pressure washers use gasoline engines to fuel its high amp charging system. The diesel heated pressure washer’s gas powered engine not only provides the power to drive the pump system, but also provides adequate 12 volt DC power to keep the battery charged and the burner system operational. Cam Spray’s portable gas-powered heated pressure washers are the most compact, versatile way to deliver performance, power, and hot water cleaning to your application.
All systems that use or burn a fuel should be operated outdoors or in a properly ventilated area.

We also offer electric powered and diesel powered  hot water pressure washers.
Look around and if you don’t see anything that really fits what you are looking for take a peek at our custom build capabilities and contact us for more information.  

Advantages of Gas Powered Hot Water Pressure Washers

There are several distinct advantages associated with heated gas powered pressure washers, some of which include:
  • Delivers water with increased pressure
  • Quickly cleans large areas, without the need for chemicals
  • Can easily remove tough applications such as gum and tree sap
  • The increased pressure allows a wider angle nozzle will clean just as well as a narrower setting from an electric model, which saves time

Heavy Duty Gas Powered Pressure Washer Options

Cam Spray offers three unique styles of gas powered hot water pressure washers for you to choose from. More details regarding each are discussed below.

Portable Gas Powered Pressure Washers

Our Q Series heated pressure washers are designed to be extremely mobile. This high powered washer is built within a framed chassis that is set on 13” wheels for ultra-convenient mobile transportation capabilities through various types of terrain.

Skid Mount Gas Powered Pressure Washers

Cam Spray’s skid mount diesel heated pressure washers are designed to easily adapt to any type of work environment and can be easily moved from truck to van to trailer. These types of portable pressure washers are ideal for commercial cleaning companies and various farming related projects.

Trailer Mounted Gas Powered Pressure Washers

Our trailer mounted gas powered pressure washers are built into the industry’s finest trailer systems. These heavy duty trailer mounted washers are available in tanks ranging from 50 gallons to 300 gallons. Our trailer mounted models are perfect for oil field, farm, military, or a multitude of other applications.

All systems that use or burn a fuel should be operated outdoors or properly vented.

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