Pressure washer for bridge cleaning One of the first custom built machines Cam Spray ever produced was for a local company, Weldon Brothers Construction, who built the 255-foot long Iowa Falls bridge in 1928. At the time, this bridge was the longest arch span in the state of Iowa, allowing US Highway 20 to cross the Iowa River. 

Necessity is the mother of invention

The machine was built to spray release agents on concrete forms used in the building of concrete structures erected by Weldon Brothers. They had been using Cam Spray pressure washers and wanted the same performance and durability in other equipment used in the construction industry. Since that time Cam Spray has continued to offer solutions for the construction industry in getting the job done right.

What you want, where you need it

Every construction site has a clean-up job to be done—large equipment, mud-caked dozer tracks, stripping concrete forms, roadside maintenance, storm sewer clean out, building maintenance, etc. Industrial distributors large and small around the world offer heavy-duty power washers and sewer and drain jetting equipment to the construction market. We make the products you need, made with you in mind. We offer fully portable convenience of trailer mounted machinery, fully self-contained with water supply and the ability to develop heat and high-pressure water without any outside power source. Maybe a skid mounted machine to slide in and out of a truck bed is what you are looking for, we have it all! 

Construction site pressure washer Timing is everything

Heavy-duty power washers the way you want them when you want them, and built for years of dependable service. Supported by local distributors of construction products and local service centers to keep you up and running to meet your construction deadlines. We are here for you!

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