Industrial Skid & Van-Mounted Gas-Powered Drain & Sewer Jetters

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Truck, van, and skid-mounted gas-powered unheated sewer and drain jetters from Cam Spray are designed for outdoor use and can be mounted on a flatbed truck, and placed in vans or enclosed body trucks with proper ventilation. Equipped with the same features that make our trailer-mounted sewer and drain jetters an excellent option, skid and van-mounted gas-powered drain and sewer jetters are constructed on a compact, easy-to-move platform.

Skid or van-mounted drain and sewer jetters feature a gasoline engine, a plunger pump with ceramic plungers and stainless steel valves protected by an unloader valve and secondary pop-off valve. A power pulse feature is available on some models for navigating longer runs and elbows. Industrial-coated skid platforms and frames offer transferability between vehicles and mounting flanges allow the machine to be fastened to the floor or deck of a van or trailer. Other features include:
  • Manual or 12 volt DC-powered reel for hose storage
  • 50’ hose and washdown gun for pressure washing and site cleanup
  • Four nozzle set with storage box and tip cleaner
  • Optional water tank
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Installing & Operating Professional-Grade Skid & Van-Mounted Drain & Sewer Jetters

Cam Spray’s professional-grade skid and van-mounted gas-powered drain and sewer jetters can be easily slid into place with a lift truck and removed to free your vehicle for other tasks. Provisions for engine exhaust must be made in every enclosed installation. As water capacity weight added to the dry weight of the machine will determine the load capacity of the transport vehicle you will need, pay close attention to overall equipment weight with the added water.
All engine-powered drain and sewer jetting equipment that uses gasoline or diesel fuel is designed to be used outdoors. 

Considerations for Purchasing an Industrial Sewer Jetter

Industrial sewer jetters quickly and efficiently clear large blockages, tough obstructions, and other obstacles in pipe systems or sewers. However, determining which configuration or model of sewer jetter is best for your fleet or facility can sometimes be a challenge. We break down the considerations, factors, and options available for industrial sewer jetters in our Ultimate Guide to Sewer Jetters. Find your best drain-clearing solution today!

Your Go-To Manufacturer for the Best Gas-Powered Drain & Sewer Jetter Equipment

For decades, Cam Spray has been the industrial marketplace’s top manufacturer of USA-made gas-powered drain and sewer jetters to be mounted on skids or vans. We keep faith and family values at the core of our business and work hard to find the best professional-grade equipment for your industrial use. If a skid or van-mounted drain or sewer jetter is not right for your job, we also offer: Contact us today for more information about our custom manufacturing abilities, available products, or other high-pressure services. Request a quote to begin a specialty order or to receive specific timeline or pricing details.
Pressure Washer
Our American made pressure washers and drain jetters are built the old-fashioned way: one at a time and tested by hand