Power Washers for the Oil and Gas Industry When it comes to dirty jobs, few are as demanding as oil, mining, and gas production. These industries spend their days in harsh environments with corrosive elements and long working hours. Keeping essential equipment clean helps to avoid shutdowns and downtime, anticipate repair costs, and prolong the operational lifespan of your machinery.

Cam Spray builds a full line of oil, mining, and gas industry pressure washers that feature operating pressures up to 7000 PSI, depending on your selected model. Machines are manufactured to fit your needs, with constructions from smaller portable machines on wheeled carts up to self-contained trailer machines with their own water source.

Want to learn more about why Cam Spray pressure washers are the standard for the mining, oil, and gas industry? Read our customer testimonials or call 800-648-5011 today. We’re ready to prove why we’re the industry’s most trusted manufacturer of heavy-duty pressure washers. 

The Industry’s Best USA-Made Oil, Gas & Mining Pressure Washer Systems

Cam Spray has the experience and in-the-field knowledge to ensure we can solve most power-washing problems in the oil, gas, and mining industry. Diesel-powered and hydraulic-powered equipment is ideal for the industry, as gasoline is not advised due to its flammable characteristics. We offer:

Cam Spray Pressure Washer Equipment Stands Up to Rugged Oil, Mining & Gas Jobs

Since the late 1980s and through today, Cam Spray has been a leading provider of pressure washers. We provide solutions for equipment cleaning at oil, gas, and mining sites around the world. Our hot water trailer-mounted pressure washers are built to perform specific cleaning tasks.
Quick repairs and reduced downtime are essential for any oil, mining, or gas operation. Let Cam Spray minimize shutdowns through high-quality pressure washers built to withstand the harsh conditions at oil, mining, and gas sites. 

We are the Oil, Gas & Mining Industry’s #1 Choice for Industrial Pressure Washers

For almost 50 years, Cam Spray has been the go-to USA manufacturer of mining, oil, and gas industry pressure washer systems. Our business is framed around hard work, family values, and delivering the best pressure washers for heavy-duty equipment. Our products can help minimize downtime at your site and maintain your day-to-day operations.

No matter the specifications or rigors of your planned application, Cam Spray is here to serve you. Contact us to learn more about our mining, gas, and oil industry pressure washers, other products, and quality services. Request a quote to begin and receive pricing details specific to your order.