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Diesel-Powered Industrial Pressure Washers

Diesel pressure washers give you the durability, power, and efficiency you need for heavy-duty pressure washing applications. Cam Spray’s diesel-powered unheated pressure washers offer great portability and are powered by long-lasting Hatz® diesel engines that can withstand daily use for long hours at a time. These high-power pressure washers are right at home on oil fields, military bases, farms and ranches, truck fleet washing stations, or other tough outdoor job sites.
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Professional-Grade Diesel Power Washers

We supply a range of diesel power washers to meet your application’s requirements. While individual configurations will vary by model, our diesel power washers share many features:
  • Triplex plunger pump with ceramic plungers and stainless steel valves
  • Low-pressure chemical injection system protected by unloader valve and secondary pressure pop off
  • Heavy-duty trigger gun to switch from high-pressure cleaning to detergent application
  • Equipped with quick change 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° and low-pressure detergent nozzles
  • Powerful pressure ranging from 2500 to 5000 PSI
  • Flow rates of up to 5.5 GPM.
When our standard high-pressure solutions don’t satisfy your requirements, we offer custom manufactured diesel power washers to meet your needs. 

Portable Diesel Pressure Washers for On-the-Go Industrial Cleaning

Cam Spray’s diesel power washers are available with a variety of portability options to meet your industrial application’s requirements. All models are mounted on an industrial-coated frame made of heavy-walled tubing and plate steel:
  • Cart-mounted pressure washers are available in various cart styles to meet the need of most cleaning applications. They are lightweight, easy-to-move options with maximum portability.
  • Skid-mounted pressure washers are ideal for heavy-duty industrial or commercial cleaning. They can be installed in trucks, vans, trailers, or flatbed trucks and trailers.
  • Trailer-mounted power washers feature solid constructions and come in road-ready designs with lights and turn signals.

Why Choose a Diesel Pressure Washer?

Cold water pressure washers provide effective cleaning and efficiently remove heavy amounts of dirt, grime, animal waste, and other contaminants from surfaces and machinery. High pressure helps loosen debris, and the high flow rate works to push it along and off a surface. Diesel power washers can be used without detergents and cleaning chemicals, but the addition of these cleansers might be necessary for surfaces contaminated with grease or oil.
While diesel pressure washers cost more upfront and require regular maintenance, their advanced cleaning capabilities make up for the increased price tag and labor requirements. Compared to gas-powered pressure washers, diesel-powered pressure washers have longer operational capacities. 

Diesel Pressure Washers for Commercial & Industrial Applications

Diesel power washers’ high-power capabilities make them an optimal choice for daily industrial applications and use in rugged environments. They are well-suited for many commercial or industrial cleaning projects, including: Due to the harmful exhaust emissions produced by the diesel engine, diesel pressure washers should only be used for outdoor industrial cleaning applications.

What to Know Before Purchasing an Industrial Pressure Washer

Purchasing industrial cleaning equipment is a significant investment for any business, fleet, or facility. Operational hours, portability requirements, necessary water temperature, and many other considerations impact which pressure washer model is right for your goals. Cam Spray’s library of resources, including our Ultimate Guide to Pressure Washers, is here to help. Learn about available pressure washer configurations, relevant accessories, and much more!

Your #1 Source for Industrial High-Pressure Solutions

Cam Spray is your top source for industrial power washers and commercial cleaning solutions. From our headquarters in Iowa Falls, Iowa, we put your satisfaction at the center of everything we do through family values and hard work. Ready to learn more about how Cam Spray can support your industrial cleaning applications? Contact us or request a quote today!


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