Diesel Powered Cold Water Pressure Washers

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Diesel pressure washers give you the durability, power and efficiency you need for heavy duty pressure washing applications. Our diesel powered cold water pressure washers offer great portability and are powered by long lasting Hatz® diesel engines that can withstand daily use for long hours at a time. The Hatz® diesel engine is a German-made, air-cooled diesel engine, and is the trusted source for power in any industrial or military application.

Cam Spray offers cart mounted, skid mounted, and trailer mounted water pressure machines to choose from. These high pressure water washer models are right at home on oil fields, military bases, farms and ranches, truck fleet washing stations, or any tough job you can find.  

Product Features for Cam Spray diesel powered pressure washers:

  • An industrial Hatz® diesel engine
  • Triplex plunger pump with ceramic plungers and stainless steel valves
  • Equipped with low pressure chemical injection, the system is protected by unloader valve and secondary pressure pop off.
  • Mounted on an industrial coated frame made of heavy walled tubing and plate steel
  • Heavy duty trigger gun to switch from high pressure cleaning to detergent application
  • Equipped with quick change 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° and low pressure detergent nozzles
  • Powerful pressure ranging from 2500 to 5000 PSI
  • Flow rates of up to 5.5 GPM
Group 24 battery not included on electric start models, but available at any local auto parts store. 

Diesel Powered Pressure Washer Advantages

The high power provided by diesel pressure washers makes them an optimal choice for daily industrial applications and use in rugged environments.

High pressure and flow rates are essential for effective removal of heavy amounts of dirt, grime, animal waste and other contaminants from horizontal and vertical surfaces, as well as machinery. High pressure helps loosen debris, and the high flow rate works to push it along the surface.  Cold water pressure washers can be used without detergents and cleaning chemicals, but the addition of these cleaners might be necessary for surfaces contaminated with grease or oil.
Drawbacks of diesel powered pressure washers are that they are more expensive, are uneconomical when it comes to fuel consumption, and can require more maintenance than their electric power washer counterparts. They also operate in decibel ranges that can cause hearing loss, so proper hearing protection should be used. And because they emit harmful exhaust emissions, all pressure washers that use gasoline or diesel as a fuel source are designed only to be used outdoors.
If a diesel powered pressure washer isn’t the right option for you, we also offer electric poweredgas powered, and hydraulic powered cold water pressure washers, as well as hot water pressure washer models.

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