Electric Powered Hot Water Pressure Washers

Cam Spray’s electric hot water power washers operate through a direct fuel source. We offer three different types of fuel options for your electric heated pressure washer needs including diesel, LP and natural gas. Click on the links below for more detailed information on each specific type of electric heated power washer model.

Electric Hot Water Pressure Washer Benefits

Electric hot water power washers are ideal for removing oil and grease from numerous types of applications. Due to the combination of power and heat, Cam Spray’s hot water pressure washers are better suited at removing grease and oily substances. Cold water pressure washers are sufficient for removing dirt, but heat is necessary for removing any type of caked on, or greasy substance. Other benefits, include:
  • Various temperature settings
  • Several power options
  • Drastically improves cleaning results
  • Saves time & effort

Diesel Powered Electric Hot Water Pressure Washers

The electric heated pressure washer you choose should fit the way you will use your machine. If you need your machine to be mobile friendly, you will want to choose a model heated by diesel fuel. This style is built with an on-board diesel fuel tank and burner system that allows it to be moved to different locations, where a connection to a L.P. Gas or Natural Gas system is not feasible. Our diesel fuel heated hot water pressure washers offer great portability, but it must be properly vented with any indoor usage.

Natural Gas or LP Electric Hot Water Power Washers

Cam Spray’s electric heated pressure washers L.P. or Natural gas burner system is the latest technology provided by Wayne Combustion. Wayne is the leader in providing burner systems that are completely engineered to operate efficiently and safely for years. This style of hot water pressure washer is designed to be permanently connected to a one-inch gas line. It does not operate well if disconnected and reconnected to the gas supply. This is due to fuel system/ignition safety features integrated into the burner design.
An electric hot water power washer that is powered with LP or natural gas must be connected to a gas source. You will want to consult your local utility company and your local HVAC professional if you are unsure what gas source you have available.

Always be safe & make sure the machinery is properly vented

Remember all fuel activated hot water pressure washers used for removing oil and grease will create carbon monoxide gas, which is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that can cause serious injury or death. To safely operate any hot water pressure washer indoors contact your local HVAC professional to properly install a ventilation system


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