Pressure Washers for Food Processing Applications Cam Spray has been providing solutions in the foodservice industry for many years. One of the first machines we built, the 330MT, was a compact industrial power washer that provided a flow of 3 gallons per minute at 1000 psi, mounted on a 13-gallon fiberglass tank. This model found a home in small meat lockers around Iowa. Helping with the daily cleaning process and keeping the equipment sanitized and the inspectors satisfied.

Save Space in your Food Processing Facility with Wall-Mounted Pressure Washers 

Food processing facilities from grocery store meat departments, restaurants, and canning plants to big-name bratwurst and cheese facilities in Wisconsin wanted more powerful but space-saving equipment. Cam Spray developed our wall mount machines for the industries where power needed to be easily accessible and out of the way. Our wall mount pressure washers provide ample cleaning power and do not take up valuable floor space.

Ideal Pressure Washers for Food Processing Facilities

Many food processing plants have boilers to provide hot water to many areas of the facilities. The Cam Spray Wall Mount machines are built with seals that can handle inlet water temperatures up to 160°F. This adds some extra punch of hot water in those tough-to-clean areas, but keeps the equipment compact and less expensive than a large hot water pressure washer, all the time using hot water that is already in the plant. See our selection of wall-mounted pressure washers. You may also be interested in our selection of portable pressure washers to use throughout large facilities. 

Powerful Drain Jetters for Food Facilities

We get calls from food processing plants and facilities where scraps and debris consistently get washed down the drain system. These materials clog the drain lines and can cripple an operation. Cam Spray portable sewer jetters can open these lines. The small, portable pressure washer equipment we make can open up 4” and 6” lines. If you have 220V power, an SW series electric drain jetter in your facility can get you back up and running quickly before a backup stops your production. Read our Ultimate Guide to Drain and Sewer Jetters to decide which jetter is right for your facility.

Whatever your needs may be, Cam Spray has the equipment to match up to your industrial power washing and drain jetting jobs.

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Suggested Models:

Pressure Washer
Our American made pressure washers and drain jetters are built the old-fashioned way: one at a time and tested by hand