Cart-Mounted Electric-Powered Cold Water Pressure Washers

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Cam Spray cart-mounted cold water electric-powered industrial pressure washers offer versatile cleaning abilities and extreme portability. They are available in many types and styles of design to fit your cleaning applications. No matter your selected model, each of our cart-mounted electric pressure washers delivers comprehensive cleaning abilities and numerous other advantages:
  • Ability to connect to hot water (up to 160°F) provided by an existing water heater
  • Low cost of operation compared to gas-powered or diesel-powered options
  • Lower upfront cost
  • Long operational lifespans
  • Low-maintenance requirements
Before using any electric-powered industrial power washer, be sure to check the compatibility with your electrical supply. Call us at 800-648-5011, contact us, or consult your local licensed electrician with any questions.
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X Series Industrial Electric-Powered Pressure Washers

Featuring a simple design and unobtrusive footprint, the X Series of industrial electric-powered cart-mounted cold water pressure washers are an ideal solution for any job requiring maximum portability. These pressure washers feature a heavy tube steel frame and are equipped with two 10” tires.

MX Series Industrial Cart-Mounted Power Washers

MX cart-mounted electric-powered pressure washers are designed for industrial cleaning jobs that require two chemicals. To meet this need, these pressure washers include a dual chemical valve to easily switch from one chemical to another.

Molded Cart Electric-Powered Models

Ideal for rugged, exposed, or extremely dirty job sites, molded cart electric-powered pressure washers feature a protective rotationally molded polyethylene case that totally encloses the electric motor. We offer various molded cart models to meet the needs of any application.

Cart-Mounted Electric-Powered Pressure Washers for Tough Industrial Jobs

Cart-mounted pressure washers are a portable and flexible option for any industrial job site. Our electric-powered cold water equipment is used to provide comprehensive cleaning across a range of facilities and applications:

What to Know Before Purchasing an Industrial Pressure Washer

Purchasing industrial cleaning equipment is a significant investment for any business, fleet, or facility. Operational hours, portability requirements, necessary water temperature, and many other considerations impact which pressure washer model is right for your goals. Cam Spray’s library of resources, including our Ultimate Guide to Pressure Washers, is here to help. Learn about available pressure washer configurations, relevant accessories, and much more!

Choose Cam Spray for High-Pressure Industrial Cleaning Solutions

Cam Spray has always designed machines around your needs. As a family-owned and operated business, we keep hard work and family values at the heart of everything we do. All our pressure washers are manufactured at our Iowa facility to ensure USA-made quality on every order. If a cart-mounted electric-powered pressure washer isn’t the best choice for you, we offer an extensive range of other designs: Contact us today to learn more about Cam Spray’s USA-made products and unparalleled services. Request a quote to start your order.
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