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Hand Carry Electric-Powered Cold Water Pressure Washers

Cam Spray hand carry electric-powered cold water pressure washers are convenient to use and store. Our equipment is designed and manufactured with totally enclosed commercial and industrial motors built to withstand thousands of hours of use. Specifications and features of Cam Spray hand jet washers and power sprayers for industrial applications include:
  • 1450 PSI and 2 GPM capabilities
  • Pumps with replaceable seals and valves
  • 2500 hour lifespan
  • Weigh fifty pounds or more to stand up to heavy-duty jobs
  • Motors with thermal overload protection
  • Industrial triplex plunger pump with ceramic plungers and stainless steel valves
  • Low-pressure chemical injection for applying concentrate liquid detergent
Explore our available options and request a quote today! Don’t see the exact configuration of hand carry electric-powered cold water pressure washer that you need to complete your job? No problem. Cam Spray offers custom design and manufacturing services to produce a hand jet wash power sprayer that matches every specification.
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The Benefits of Choosing Hand-Carry Commercial Power Sprayers

Our hand-carry equipment is built for maximum portability, allowing for high-quality cleaning throughout your industrial facility. In addition to the compact design and easy-to-lift construction, hand carry electric-powered pressure washers come with many other advantages when compared to gas or diesel-powered pressure washers:
  • Lower upfront and operational costs
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Quieter operations

Industrial Uses for Commercial Hand Carry Electric-Powered Pressure Washers

As hand carry electric-powered cold water pressure washers require an outlet with an appropriate power rating, they are best suited to indoor applications or non-mobile cleaning jobs, such as: When buying industrial electric-powered hand-carry equipment, always check your facility’s electrical supply to ensure that your new machinery is compatible and can perform as intended. Contact Cam Spray or your local licensed electrician for assistance if you have any questions.

Your Ultimate Guide to Pressure Washers

What’s the difference between PSI and GPM? Do you require heated water for your industrial cleaning? Is a gas-powered or electric-powered pressure washer better for your anticipated jobs? Cam Spray has the answers. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Pressure Washers to learn about factors and considerations that impact which cleaning equipment is best for your facility.

The USA’s Top Manufacturer of Commercial & Industrial Power Sprayers

Cam Spray is proud to be the go-to manufacturer of industrial pressure washers, drain and sewer jetters, and other industrial and commercial cleaning equipment. Our machinery is built to withstand harsh job sites, tough messes, and extended operations. If a hand carry electric-powered cold water pressure washer does not work for you, we offer an extensive range of other spray washers: Contact us or call 800-648-5011 to learn more about our available products and excellent customer service. Request a quote to start your order.
Pressure Washer
Our American made pressure washers and drain jetters are built the old-fashioned way: one at a time and tested by hand