Gas Powered Cold Water Pressure Washers

Gas cold water pressure washers are very popular due to their easy portability, making them capable of going pretty much anywhere. Gas powered cold water pressure washers also provide a higher psi output than electrical units, which can result in a job that is quicker and easier

Gas Powered Cold Water Pressure Washer Options

Cam Spray builds gas powered cold water pressure washer models in several design packages. These packages, include:
  • Trailer mounted pressure washers – These cold water pressure washers include a storage tank for water so the machine can be moved from a continuous water supply. The heavily constructed trailers come in road ready designs with lights and turn signals, towable models offer portability for pressure washing at air strips, shopping malls, or gated communities.
  • Skid mounted pressure washers – Our skid mounted cold water pressure washers provide on-the-go cleaning to any construction site, city location, new or used car lots, and any place in between. Cam Spray’s skid models can be mounted in trucks and vans, on flat beds, in trailers, or on flatbed trucks and trailers.
  • Cart mounted pressure washers - Cam Spray’s cart mounted gas cold water pressure washers come in various cart styles and can be used for numerous applications. The cold water cart mounted design features include a gasoline engine driving a plunger pump with ceramic plungers and stainless steel valves that are protected by unloader valves. These gas pressure washer units are also equipped with low pressure chemical injectors for applications that require concentrated liquid detergents.

Gas Powered Cold Water Pressure Washer Engine Manufacturers

Cam Spray only utilizes gasoline engines from reputable manufacturers such as Honda®, Kohler®, and Briggs and Stratton® for our gas powered pressure washers. These manufacturers have local registered dealers for parts and service all throughout the country.

We also offer electric powereddiesel powered, and hydraulic powered cold water pressure washers, as well as hot water pressure washer models.

All gas power washers that use gasoline or diesel fuel as a fuel source are designed to be used outdoors. 

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