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Cart-Mounted Gas-Powered Cold Water Pressure Washers

Designed to handle the toughest jobs, cart-mounted gas-powered cold water pressure washers from Cam Spray deliver comprehensive cleaning in any industry, from washing cars and ATVs to removing concrete from concrete forms. We offer many portable cart-mounted gas-powered pressure washers to meet the needs of any outdoor application. Specifications include:
  • 1600 PSI to 7000 PSI
  • Water flows from 3 GPM to 5 GPM
  • 2- or 4-wheel options
  • Industrial coated tube and plate steel frames
  • Gasoline engine
  • Plunger pump with ceramic plungers and stainless steel valves
  • Low-pressure chemical injection for application of concentrate liquid detergents
Don’t see the exact configuration of cart-mounted gas-powered pressure washer you require to complete your industrial cleaning job? No problem. Cam Spray offers custom design and manufacturing services to meet the needs of specialty applications. Contact us or call 800-648-5011 to get started.
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The Advantages of Portable Cart-Mounted Gas-Powered Cold Water Pressure Washers

Cart-mounted gas-powered cold water pressure washers are an ideal solution for many industrial job sites. High-pressure unheated water can handle the majority of cleaning jobs without the need for a burner heating system. The cold water configuration also allows for a lower cost of operation and lower upfront cost.
Additionally, the cart-mounted design of our gas-powered cold water pressure washers offers maximum portability. No matter where your job site is located, our pressure washers can easily navigate challenging terrains and go wherever you need them the most.

Industrial Cart-Mounted Pressure Washers to Complete Any Job

Industrial cart-mounted gas-powered cold water pressure washers are ideal for a wide range of cleaning applications. The portable construction means that no job is too remote, and our equipment can meet the needs of heavy-duty industrial jobs: Please note: all pressure washers that use gasoline or diesel fuel as a fuel source are designed to be used outdoors. For indoor cleaning jobs, we offer electric-powered or hydraulic-powered options.

How to Choose the Right Industrial Pressure Washer

Heavy-duty industrial messes require high-pressure solutions, but with so many options available, selecting the right industrial pressure washer for your cleaning can be a challenge. Cam Spray is here to help. Our Ultimate Guide to Pressure Washers resource answers your most frequently asked questions, outlines considerations for purchasing pressure washers, and much more. Find your best industrial cleaning solution today!

Cam Spray is Your Top Manufacturer of Portable Industrial Pressure Washers

From our headquarters in Iowa Falls, Iowa, Cam Spray provides like-local service throughout the country and world. Our industrial pressure washers outperform any competition and deliver high-quality cleaning over long operational lifespans. If a cart-mounted gas-powered cold water pressure washer is not your best solution, we also manufacture: Contact us today to learn more about our available pressure washer designs. Request a quote to begin your order.
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