Industrial Hot Water Pressure Washers

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Heated pressure washers from Cam Spray come equipped with a coil and burner designed to heat water for more effective cleaning, clearing, and washing. Unlike cold water pressure washers, industrial hot water power washers are uniquely suited for jobs where grime, grit, stains, and more must be cleared. No matter your requirements, we have a high-pressure heated solution to meet your needs.
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Available Industrial Heated Power Washers

Tough industrial jobs require equally tough solutions. To help you meet your application’s cleaning requirements, we offer a variety of heated pressure washers, including electric-powered, gas-powered, diesel-powered, and custom-built models.

Electric-Powered Pressure Washers

Electrically powered equipment is a quiet and efficient choice for industrial cleaning. Our electric-powered pressure washers with hot water are heated by diesel, LP gas, or natural gas, depending on your application’s requirements. While the cost will vary depending on your unique model, electric-powered pressure washers are less expensive to operate than gas- or diesel-powered hot water power washers. The average motor will last two to three times longer and require less routine maintenance than most engines. As electric heated pressure washers require access to an appropriately rated outlet, they are particularly suited to immobile applications. 

Gas-Powered Hot Water Pressure Washers

Gas-powered hot water power washers are an ideal solution when you need a mobile option to reach any industrial mess. Gas-powered pressure washer engines are popular, economical machines that work well for cleaning applications. They feature a diesel-fired burner that delivers unbeatable performance, extreme power, and complete cleaning to any application. Gas-powered hot water pressure washers should only be operated outdoors due to the exhaust produced by the engine and burner.
We offer several mounting choices for our gas-powered hot water pressure washers: portable, skid-mount, and trailer-mount.

Diesel-Powered Hot Water Power Washers

Diesel-powered heated pressure washers share many of the same benefits as gas-powered equipment. However, hot water pressure washers featuring a diesel engine are suited to cleaning applications requiring continuous operation. These machines can operate for eight to ten hours a day, seven days a week, to keep critical applications running as planned. As with gas-powered pressure washers, diesel heated power washers should only be operated outdoors due to the exhaust produced during operation.

Custom Hot Water Pressure Washers

Does your project require a heated pressure washer with an unusual size, specific PSI capability, or other non-standard feature? No problem! Cam Spray has the custom capabilities to meet even the strictest specification for an industrial application. 

Your Ultimate Guide to Pressure Washers

What’s the difference between PSI and GPM? Do you require heated water for your industrial cleaning? Is a gas-powered or electric-powered pressure washer better for your anticipated jobs? Cam Spray has the answers. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Pressure Washers to learn about factors and considerations that impact which cleaning equipment is best for your facility.

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