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Portable Gas-Powered Pressure Washers Heated by Diesel Fuel

Q series portable gas-powered hot water pressure washers from Cam Spray feature an industrial gas-powered engine and triplex plunger pump with ceramic plungers and stainless steel valves equipped with low-pressure chemical injection. The system is protected by an unloader valve and secondary pressure pop off. The burner system on these portable gas-powered pressure washers are heated by diesel fuel and include a rust-free fuel tank and schedule 80 coil with stainless steel wrap and is controlled by an adjustable thermostat. Other features include:
  • Pressure capabilities from 2700 PSI to 4000 PSI
  • Temperature limit switch for a maximum temperature of 195°F
  • Quick change 0°, 15°, 25°, and 40° nozzles
  • Industrial coated 2” tubing frame equipped with a wand/hose rack
  • Four 13” tires
  • Heavy-duty trigger gun with a dual wand and side-handle valve to control low pressure chemical injection
  • Ability to switch from high-pressure cleaning to detergent application
If our available configurations for portable gas-powered hot water pressure washers do not meet your industry’s needs, Cam Spray also offers custom manufacturing services for specialty power washers. Start your order today!
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The Benefits of Portable Gas Power Washers Heated by Diesel Fuel

Portable gas-powered hot water pressure washers are a great option for an extensive range of industrial cleaning jobs. They are portable, versatile, and easily configured to meet your needs. While all systems that use or burn fuel should be operated outdoors or in a properly vented area, portable gas power washers heated by diesel can go wherever you need them. They deliver more powerful performances than their electric counterparts and do not require an electrical power source for normal operations.

Portable Gas-Powered Hot Water Power Washers for Any Application

Portable gas-powered hot water pressure washers heated by diesel provide excellent performances for a variety of outdoor or well-ventilated applications:
  • Automotive dealerships
  • Agriculture work
  • Construction sites
  • Mobile applications

Your Ultimate Guide to Pressure Washers

What’s the difference between PSI and GPM? Do you require heated water for your industrial cleaning? Is a gas-powered or electric-powered pressure washer better for your anticipated jobs? Cam Spray has the answers. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Pressure Washers to learn about factors and considerations that impact which cleaning equipment is best for your facility.

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Explore our stock today to find the best portable power washer for your planned use. If a portable gas-powered pressure washer heated by diesel fuel is not the best option for you, we also offer: All our pressure washers are designed and manufactured in the USA to guarantee quality, reliability, and long operational lifespans. Contact us to learn more about our products and services. Request a quote to receive specific pricing information or start a specialty order.
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