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Custom-Built Industrial Pressure Washers

Sometimes a standard, off-the-shelf pressure washer is not the best fit for industrial applications. When space is limited or you require a solution that meets exacting specifications, we have the custom design and manufacturing capabilities to create a completely customized power washer that meets or exceeds all your requirements.
In the past, we have created heavy-duty pressure washers to refurbish railcars, designed hydraulic-powered pressure washers for the military, and manufactured custom power washers for many other applications. These customizations can include, but are not limited to:
  • Precise PSI capabilities
  • Non-standard or unusual size
  • Portability and mobility options
  • Footprint options
  • Mounting options
  • Ability to customize temperatures
  • And much more! 

Custom-Made Industrial Pressure Washers for Any Application

Our custom-built power washers are built to work as hard as you do. We’ve created high-pressure solutions for every industry, and we are confident that we can meet your application’s requirements. We design custom pressure washers for: At Cam Spray, we don’t just build custom equipment. We build lasting solutions that work well under pressure.

What to Know Before Purchasing an Industrial Pressure Washer

Purchasing industrial cleaning equipment is a significant investment for any business, fleet, or facility. Operational hours, portability requirements, necessary water temperature, and many other considerations impact which pressure washer model is right for your goals. Cam Spray’s library of resources, including our Ultimate Guide to Pressure Washers, is here to help. Learn about available pressure washer configurations, relevant accessories, and much more!

Why Choose Cam Spray for your Custom-Built Industrial Pressure Washer?

Since we first started production over five decades ago, Cam Spray has been an industry leader in providing custom pressure washers, sewer jetters, and other high-pressure products. Our products are made in the United States and completed by trained machinists to ensure you receive the highest quality custom industrial pressure washer possible. Our metal fabrication shop stays involved throughout the entire manufacturing process, from layout to design to the final product’s delivery.
Your satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we maintain a rotating roster of new products and provide replacement parts for our entire inventory. We specialize in rugged, durable equipment that is built to last. Our customer service team is fully trained to deal with over 80% of issues in the field so you can continue your operations with minimal interruptions. 

Contact Us Today to Get Started on Your Custom Industrial Power Washer

No matter your pressure washer needs, Cam Spray has the capabilities to create a custom solution to meet any specification. Our inventory includes over 200 models of standard and custom-made products, including: Contact us today for further information on our custom commercial or industrial power washer options. For an in-depth price analysis, request a quote
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Pressure Washer
Our American made pressure washers and drain jetters are built the old-fashioned way: one at a time and tested by hand