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Sewer jetters provide comprehensive clearing for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. However, many users have questions about these powerful and effective jetter machines. The Cam Spray sewer jetter experts are here to help. We answer your most pressing questions in this ultimate guide to sewer jetters.

The Basics of Sewer Jetting

Sewer jetters are high-pressure machines used to clear blockages, obstacles, and buildup from the insides of pipes, sewers, and drains. A high-pressure hose with a nozzle is inserted into the sewer and uses pressurized water to clear the obstruction. They are available with hot or cold water and can be electric, gas, or diesel-powered.

The Difference Between Pressure Washers & Sewer Jetters

Industrial and commercial pressure washers and sewer jetters both come with a pump, engine, pressure control, and are used to clear grit, grime, and messes. Unlike pressure washers, sewer jetters are explicitly designed to remove blockages or buildup. They feature a lightweight, abrasion-resistant hose with more flexibility than pressure washers. Sewer jetters may also include other useful features, such as a pressure gauge, pulsation valve, and other accessories.


Two measurements are used when discussing the capabilities of a sewer jetter: GPM and PSI. GPM, or gallons per minute, pertains to the amount of water that passes through your sewer jetter. PSI, or pounds per square inch, refers to the intensity of pressure at which the water leaves the sewer jetter. Which specification matters more will depend on your application. A sewer jetter with an adequate PSI will cut through settled masses such as dirt, tree roots, hard grease, etc. Sewer jetters with a higher GPM are better at flushing out debris, larger rocks, grease logs, and more.

How to Choose a Sewer Jetter

Before purchasing sewer jetters for your industrial or commercial projects, make sure you understand the conditions under which the equipment will be operating. Ensure your jetter machine meets your unique criteria by answering questions such as:
  • What levels of GPM and/or PSI do you require?
  • Does your application need hot water, or will cold water suffice?
  • Do you have budget restrictions?
  • How often do you plan to use the sewer jetter?
The answers to these questions, and others, will determine which type of sewer jetter is best for you.

Types of Industrial & Commercial Sewer Jetters

Once you’ve determined your sewer jetter needs, you can choose the model that best fits your specifications. There are many types of jetters available on the market. For instance, at Cam Spray, we offer cold water sewer jetters powered by electric motors or gas or diesel engines. We also manufacture equipment with hot water capabilities.

Hot Water Sewer Jetters

Hot water quickly breaks down grease, oils, ice, and other obstructive substances. Hot water sewer jetters are equipped with a heating tank that can reach temperatures up to 160°F or be disabled to provide cold water. While hot water sewer jetters cost more to operate than cold water jetters, their enhanced capabilities and flexibility make up for the price.

Cold Water Sewer Jetters

Cold water sewer jetters are economical, popular, and versatile. They provide similar clearing capabilities as hot water sewer jetters on 95% of tough cleaning operations. Cold water sewer jetters are also available with a variety of power options to meet your exact needs:
  • Electric-Powered Drain Jetters minimize disruptions on job sites to provide quiet, dependable clearing. They are economical and portable with extremely low-maintenance motors.
  • Gas-Powered Hydro Jetters are the most commonly utilized. Portable and easily mounted to a trailer or skid, these sewer jetters can go wherever blockages occur. They are not recommended for indoor use.
  • Diesel-Powered Jetter Machines are ideal for outdoor applications in demanding or rugged environments. They are not recommended for indoor use.

Custom Sewer Jetter Machines

You may find that an off-the-shelf design doesn’t match your requirements for precise PSI abilities, non-standard jetter sizes, and more. Cam Spray is your go-to manufacturer for custom pressurized cleaning equipment. We can help create the sewer jetter that fits your exact specifications.

Your Expert Guides to Sewer Jetters & Other High-Pressure Solutions

Since we first opened our doors in 1963, Cam Spray has sought to be fair and honest while positively impacting your life and business. That’s why we created this guide to sewer jetters as well as providing you with technical information, training services, and other unparalleled resources.
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