The Importance of Flow Rate & Pressure in Industrial Sewer Jetters

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Industrial sewer jetters go by many names, including hydro jetters, water jetters, and drain jetters. No matter the term, this high-pressure cleaning equipment delivers efficient and powerful performances for clearing blockages, obstructions, and clogs from drain or sewer systems. However, to get the most out of your industrial water jetter, it is critical to ensure your machinery has the flow rate and pressure capacity needed to complete your specific job.

The Cam Spray experts are here to help. For decades, we have set the standard for industrial pressure washers and sewer jetter equipment. Our vast experience and in-depth knowledge are at your disposal as we break down the differences between flow rate and pressure for industrial hydro jetters. Contact us to learn more.

The Difference Between Flow Rate and Pressure for Water Jetters

One of the most common questions regarding sewer jetters is if flow rate or pressure is more important. The answer can vary depending on your goals and planned usage. Pressure (measured in pounds per square inch or PSI) will deliver superior cutting and blasting. In contrast, flow rate (calculated in gallons per minute or GPM) will be more effective for flushing blockages. Together, these two factors will determine the speed and power of your clearing application.

Every hydro jetter will have specific GPM and PSI capabilities. Call 641-200-1328 for assistance navigating or evaluating your options. 

How Flow Rate Impacts Hydro Jetters

GPM measures the amount of water that passes through your equipment. High GPM is ideal for flushing applications where debris or obstructions can be pushed from the tube, pipe, or other sewer system. A higher GPM will likewise lead to jobs being completed quicker compared to lower GPM capabilities. High GPM water jetters are well-suited to scouring and clearing away:
  • Mud, dirt, and sediment buildup
  • Larger rocks or bricks
  • Grease-logs
  • And other blockages

How Pressure Impacts Water Jetters

PSI measures the pressure or intensity of water leaving a sewer jetter. Higher PSI capabilities mean the water stream is more concentrated and intense than lower PSI values. Sewer jetters with high PSI specifications are excellent solutions for cutting through tough blockages, such as:
  • Tree and other plant roots
  • Hard or caked-on grease
  • Hard settled dirt
  • Ice or snow
  • And other tough obstructions 

Additional Considerations for Choosing an Industrial Sewer Jetter

Purchasing industrial sewer jetters or other commercial cleaning equipment is a significant investment for any outfit, and successfully completing your anticipated jobs depends on selecting the right configurations. In addition to evaluating GPM and PSI requirements for hydro jetters, consider the following: These considerations, along with GPM capabilities, PSI needs, and other factors specific to your application, will influence which drain or sewer jetter is best for your business. For more information, visit our Ultimate Guide to Sewer Jetters today.

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