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Choosing the Right Sewer Jetter: A Buyer’s Guide for Industrial Use

Blockages, clogs, and debris can bring your drain or sewer system to a standstill. Industrial sewer jetters—also called hydro jetters or water jetters—are up to the task. Utilizing an extremely pressurized and intense stream of water, sewer jetters blast and wash away impediments, buildup, and other substances that are keeping your system from functioning as designed.

For decades, Cam Spray has been the go-to manufacturer of sewer jetters and pressure washers for industrial facilities, large-scale cleaning jobs, and commercial operations. We understand that purchasing any industrial sewer or drain jetting equipment is a significant investment for any outfit, and our expertise is at your disposal as you navigate your options. For one-on-one assistance, contact us today.

Which Industrial Water Jetter is Right for My Job?

Not all drain or sewer clearing jobs are the same, and purchasing the best equipment for your unique application is critical. Use these considerations as you explore available hydro jetters for industrial work:
  • Is hot water required to clear the obstruction?
  • What is causing the blockage?
  • Is flow rate or pressure [Link to “Flow Rate and Press for Sewer Jetters” page once posted] more important for your job?
  • Does your industry have guidelines or regulations regarding sewer jetting equipment?
  • Is your application indoors or outdoors? (Note: any hydro jetter powered or heated by gas or diesel should only be used outdoors. Indoor applications require an electric-powered cold water sewer jetter model.)
  • What portability requirements do you have?
The answers to these questions and others specific to your business will determine the best hydro jetter for your application. Visit our Ultimate Guide to Sewer Jetters for more information or call 641-200-1839 to speak with a representative directly. 

Cold Water Sewer Jetters

Cold water sewer jetters can handle most drain and sewer clearing jobs, including removing obstructions and cutting through dirt or sediment buildup, tree roots, and much more. They cost less upfront and are less expensive to maintain compared to hot water sewer jetters. Many power options are available for cold water hydro jetters, and your best option will depend on the location and blockage severity of your drain or sewer system:
  • Electric-Powered Water Jetters. Electric-powered hydro jetters deliver quiet operations and minimize job site disruptions. Many portability options are available, including skid or cart-mounted equipment.
  • Gas-Powered Water Jetters. Gas-powered hydro jetters are portable, versatile, and highly effective. Portability options include wheeled stands, skid or van-mounted jetters, or trailer-mounted jetters.
  • Diesel-Powered Water Jetters. Diesel-powered hydro jetters are available, diesel engines models are available in trailer and skid mount packages.

Hot Water Sewer Jetters

Sometimes heated water is necessary for clearing stubborn clogs, ice buildup, thick grease, and other obstructions. Hot water sewer jetters heated by diesel fuel are your best solution. Built with a high-pressure coil and burner assembly, hot water sewer jetters can reach temperatures up to 160°F. They are versatile and flexible options that deliver heavy-duty performances wherever drain or sewer clearing is required. 

Custom Sewer Jetters

Certain jobs require non-standard solutions. To meet the unique needs of these applications, Cam Spray designs custom sewer jetters. Custom-built water jetters are engineered for your needs and manufactured to your specifications, offering high-quality performances that match your unique requirements, including:
  • Precise PSI or GPM requirements
  • Footprint adjustments
  • Non-standard sizes
  • Mounting and portability options
  • And other specific-to-you features.

Cam Spray is Your #1 USA Hydro Jetter Manufacturer

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for which sewer jetter is your smartest purchase. If you are unsure which model is the right option, don’t worry—Cam Spray is in your corner. We work hard to make your purchasing process seamless, from providing fast initial quotes to offering ongoing support after final delivery. To ensure complete quality, all of our industrial water jetters are designed, engineered, and built at our USA headquarters in Iowa Falls, Iowa.

Contact us today to learn more about our top-of-the-line industrial sewer jetters. Request a quote to start an in-depth price analysis.
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