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Technical Information for Trailer Mounted Jetters

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Model Part # Code Insert Manual
CS3500HT.8 CS3500HT.8 GKC7HO7 GKC3020S  
CS4000HT.7 CS4000HT.7 GKC8HO7 GKC2624S  
CS2500HT.10 CS2500HT.10 GKC4HO12 GKC4215S  
CS2500DT.10 CS2500DT.10 GKC4HO12 GKC4215S  
TB2511H TB2511H GKC10HO12 GKC4215S  
TB3508H TB3508H GKC7HO7 GKC3020S  
TB4007H TB4007H GKC8HO7 GKC2624S  
CS2500HPM.10 CS2500HPM.10 GKC4HO12 GKC4215S  
EJT2112 519494 GKC4BR12 GKC4215S EJT2112
EJT2812 519492 GKC7HO7 GKC4215S EJT2112
EJT2514 519493 GKC4HO12 GKC4215S EJT2112
BTB2511H BTB2511H GKC10HO12 GKC4215S  
BTB3508H BTB3508H GKC7HO7 GKC3020S  
BTB4007H BTB4007H GKC8HO7 GKC2624S  
STB2511H STB2511H GKC10HO12 GKC4215S  
STB3508H STB3508H GKC7HO7 GKC3020S  
STB4007H STB4007H GKC8HO7 GKC2624S  
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