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Hot Water vs. Cold Water Sewer Jetters: Choosing the Right Solution

Industrial sewer jetters deliver high-pressure results for industrial, commercial, and municipal drains, sewers, and pipe systems. From ice to grease, roots to debris, sewer jetters clear obstructions to keep streets clean, cities running, and facilities operating at maximum capacity. Two main sewer jetter configurations are available: cold water sewer jetters and hot water sewer jetters. While both successfully clear blockages, each is suited to different applications and includes a few key differences.

Considerations for Choosing the Right Sewer Jetter

Before purchasing a cold water or hot water sewer jetter, it is critical to take the time to assess your planned clearing jobs and industry requirements:
  • What materials and substances (grease, roots, sediment, etc.) are involved in your usual drain or sewer blockages?
  • Do you require a certain water pressure (PSI) or flow rate (GPM)?
  • What space constraints or transportation requirements are present at your work site?
  • Are you clearing blockages in indoor or outdoor settings?
  • Do you have any budget constraints?
The answers to these questions and others specific to your planned clearing job will influence whether a hot water or cold water sewer jetter is best for your operations. Visit our Ultimate Guide to Sewer Jetters for more information on choosing the right sewer jetter, or call 800-648-5011 to speak directly with a Cam Spray expert.
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When to Choose a Cold Water Sewer Jetter

Cold water sewer jetters can handle the majority of tough drain jetting and sewer cleaning jobs. They are a cost-effective option for an extensive range of industries and markets, and they deliver reliable performances over long operational lifespans. Depending on your selected model, a cold water sewer jetter can be connected to an external hot water source for heated cleaning capacities, adding to the overall versatility of your equipment.

The Best Applications for Cold Water Sewer Jetters

Cold water sewer jetters are known for their versatility and effectiveness. They are commonly used to clear blockages for:

Versatile Cold Water Sewer Jetter Configurations to Match Your Requirements

Cold water sewer jetters are available in a variety of configurations to match the needs of your job and work location. Your best solution will vary depending on your requirements:

When to Choose a Hot Water Sewer Jetter

While similar in function to cold water sewer jetters, hot water sewer jetters include a built-in diesel burning heating unit to deliver superior cleaning in challenging obstructions. They are particularly useful for removing clogs caused by grease, oils, ice, and more. The heated water melts and quickly cuts through these substances for highly effective and efficient industrial drain clearing. While they feature a higher upfront and operational cost, hot water sewer jetters more than make up for the price with their heightened capabilities.

Note: due to the fuel-powered heating coil, heated sewer jetters should only be used in outdoor applications.

Hot Water Sewer Jetter Applications

Hot water sewer jetters are the best choice for demanding jobs, severe blockages, and extreme environments, such as:

Available Hot Water Sewer Jetter Configurations for Heavy-Duty Jobs

An important cold water and hot water sewer jetter difference is the range of available configurations. Hot water sewer jetters include a built-in high-pressure coil and burner assembly to produce hot water at any location. Depending on your selected model, these effective and heavy-duty machines are heated by gasoline or diesel fuel, can reach water temperatures up to 160°F, and add many other advantages to your job site.

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