Guide to Green Practices in Industrial Pressure Washing

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Pressure washing practices provide a host of benefits to business operations and the environment. Common misconceptions, however, have increased the spread of misinformation about pressure washing. Theories that pressure washing wastes water or harms the environment have dissuaded many from engaging in eco-friendly pressure washing practices. However, these theories are false.

Cam Spray is here to explain the business advantages of eco-friendly pressure washing and how it can benefit your operations while proving advantageous for environmental safety and cleanliness. This guide will outline eco-friendly practices, responsible uses, and benefits for businesses.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Practices with Industrial Pressure Washers

Pressure washing is already an eco-friendly cleaning practice, as its speed and pressure reduce the amount of water necessary for thorough cleaning. Additionally, several other practices can make industrial pressure washing even more environmentally friendly.

Restoration Over Replacement

Pressure washing is typically used to clean and restore surfaces to their original condition. Instead of consuming additional resources to replace items or surfaces, pressure washing cleans them and allows them to be reused. This eco-friendly practice saves valuable natural resources while improving used surfaces or equipment.

Limited Chemicals

Because the water pressure is so intense, most pressure washer applications do not necessitate chemical use. The water's speed, pressure, and temperature are sufficient to thoroughly clean most surfaces. Therefore, strong or hazardous cleaning chemicals are unnecessary, which helps keep the environment clean and safe.

Protects Watersheds

When pressure washing, the cleaned substances can include harmful chemicals, toxins, or oils. Reclaiming the contaminated water keeps these hazardous chemicals out of nature and can reduce environmental pollutants, protecting local watersheds and keeping water safe.

Water-Saving Industrial Technology & Responsible Use

While pressure washing itself is an inherently green practice, there are additional steps you can take to ensure responsible, environmentally safe practices.

High-Pressure Applications

A simple increase in water pressure can prove itself as a water-saving technology. When compared to a hose, pressure washers use less water with more force, which reduces wastewater and costs. Higher PSI force utilizes even less water and remains precise throughout the application.

Hot Water

While pressure washers are available in hot and cold water variations, hot water pressure washers are incredibly adept at removing grease and other such substances. This allows for a speedy cleaning process and results in a decrease in water used.


Utilizing pressure washer accessories such as scrubbers, wands, and nozzles can increase efficiency and precision, reducing the amount of water required for operation and engaging in environmentally friendly practices.

Benefits of Sustainable Pressure Washer Practices for Businesses

There are many advantages for businesses that engage in eco-friendly pressure washer practices.


The high-speed application of pressure washing results in overall decreased cleaning time, improving operation efficiency and effectively saving money on labor. Pressure washers operate at much higher speeds than standard hoses, ensuring quick and efficient washing processes.

External & Visual Aesthetics

Many businesses engage in eco-friendly pressure washer practices to improve visual aesthetics and curb appeal. Retail stores use pressure washing to clean their exterior view and draw in customers. Industrial businesses clean their floors and machinery for a sharp finish. Marine applications remove algae and other aquatic substances from boats and equipment. Pressure washing lends itself to many different trades to increase visual appeal and provide a clean, finished look.

Improved Safety & Health

Pressure washers rinse away hazardous chemicals, fungi, mold, algae, grease, and other substances. With the strength of the water pressure, limited or no chemicals are required for washing. As such, eco-friendly pressure washing removes harmful substances and ensures the safety and health of those involved in operations.

Cost-Effective Solution

The speed and effectiveness of pressure washing equates to lower costs for labor and water usage. Less time devoted to cleaning with pressure washers can be allocated to other sectors of your business. Also, because pressure washing is a restoration process, high replacement surface and equipment costs are avoided.

Cam Spray Advocates for Eco-Friendly Pressure Washing Practices

Eco-friendly pressure washing provides many environmental benefits and business advantages. Cam Spray proudly advocates for pressure washer education and safe practices. We encourage reliable and valuable pressure washer processes to ensure satisfaction and environmental safety.
Learn more about pressure washers, accessories, or Cam Spray’s customization services to get started with your pressure washer projects today!

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