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Pressure Washer Nozzles

Pressure washer nozzles, also called pressure washer spray tips, can make or break your industrial cleaning capabilities. Cam Spray is here to help. We offer a wide selection of pressure washer spray tips to match the cleaning demands of your industry and specifications of your pressure washer. Options include:
  • Turbo pressure washer spray tips for high-impact industrial cleaning
  • Q Meg pressure washer spray tips make changing easy with a ¼ Quick Coupler Plug machined into the tip body.
  • Multi-reg pressure washer nozzles to easily switch from low-pressure detergent modes to high-pressure cleaning
  • Foamer attachments
  • Sandblasts
  • And much more!
Before purchasing pressure washer spray tips, always calculate the nozzle size to ensure you’ve selected the correct pressure washer nozzle for your requirements. Incorrect sizing can result in low operating pressures that deliver insufficient cleaning, or high pressures that can cause injury, motor damage, and pump damage. To find the right size nozzle for your equipment, please use the pressure washer spray tip calculator below, and contact us with any questions.
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How to Choose the Right Pressure Washer Spray Tip

Choosing the best pressure washer nozzle for your application is critical for successful and safe industrial or commercial cleaning. The wrong pressure washer spray tip can strip paint from cars or other automotive assemblies, damage wooden surfaces, and blast holes through mortar, brickwork, or cement. The wrong nozzle will also significantly raise the risk of operator injury and costly equipment repairs.
In addition to using our nozzle size calculator to ensure you’ve selected the correct spray tip, use these considerations while evaluating your pressure washer nozzle options:
  • Do you need your spray nozzle tip to attach directly to the pressure washer or an accessory gun?
  • What materials will you be cleaning? Can these materials be damaged by high pressures?
  • Do you require an extremely concentrated or a lower pressure stream?
  • What are the PSI and GPM values of your equipment?
  • How tough is your cleaning job?
  • Do you require detergents or other chemicals to complete your job?
These considerations, and others, can help you choose the best pressure washer spray nozzle for your application. If you are unsure which spray tip is best for your work, call 800-648-5011 to speak with an expert Cam Spray representative. We’ll discuss your options to find your most suitable solution.

High-Quality Accessories for USA-Made Power Washing Equipment

Cam Spray is your go-to pressure washer and pressure washer accessory supplier. Our nozzles are ideal for standard or custom-built power cleaners, and we are ready to match the needs of the most demanding industrial or commercial applications. In addition to our pressure washer spray tips, we offer a variety of other pressure washer accessories to improve your cleaning capabilities:

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Cam Spray is your #1 source for pressure washer resources, accessories, and solutions. Headquartered at our facility in Iowa Falls, Iowa, we aim to deliver your complete satisfaction with every order. Our American-made pressure washers, drain jetters, and custom equipment are designed and engineered for long-lasting and high-quality industrial and commercial cleaning.

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