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Miscellaneous Pressure Washer and Drain Jetter Components

No two commercial or industrial cleaning jobs are exactly the same. To meet such diverse requirements, Cam Spray maintains an extensive inventory of miscellaneous pressure washer components to enhance your operations. We offer draft inducers, blast gates, and many other accessories that work with most industrial pressure washers or sewer jetters, including: Our miscellaneous pressure washer components are also well-suited for use with custom-built pressure washers. Contact us or call 800-648-5011 today to discuss your specifications, required performance parameters, and other details. A highly trained USA-based representative will work with you to find the best pressure washer accessory for your application.

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Available Miscellaneous Pressure Washer Accessories

Blast Gates for Industrial Pressure Washers

Pressure washer blast gates are critical for maintaining hot water pressure washers. They work to close off lines when your system is not in use to extend overall lifespan and improve performance by preventing freezing in cold environments. To match the needs of your equipment, we offer several blast gate options for your industrial cleaning machinery:

Pressure Washer Draft Diverters & Draft Inducer Kits

Like blast gates, pressure washer draft diverters are used with hot water pressure washers. Draft diverters help induce air by creating a positive draft for ventilation. We offer two configurations to match the needs of your industrial or commercial pressure washer system: We also offer draft inducer kits. These kits are engineered to mount within the vent system and include a wiring harness to tie into the machine and a fan and fittings to force vent air outside. Always consult an HVAC expert before using any draft diverter or draft inducer with your pressure washing equipment.

Backflow Preventers for Pressure Washers & Drain Jetters

Backflow preventers, also called backflow stoppers, are installed on the water source connected to your pressure washer or drain jetter. They act as a vacuum break to prevent your water supply from becoming contaminated by chemicals or debris during normal operations. They are required in most states and municipalities, so check your local guidelines to find the necessary specifications.

Oil-Fired Heater Attachment for Cold Water Pressure Washers

The Cam Spray SH attachment is an oil-fired heater heated by diesel fuel. This attachment is designed to add hot water capabilities to cold water pressure washers. They feature a maximum operating pressure of 4000 PSI, a maximum water flow of 4 GPM, and can achieve up to a 140°F rise in water temperature.

Choose Cam Spray for Any Pressure Washer Component or Accessory

Cam Spray is a family-owned and operated business that completes all industrial pressure washer and sewer jetter manufacturing in the USA. In addition to these miscellaneous pressure washer accessories, we maintain a large inventory of other components to ensure you can complete any and all industrial cleaning jobs: Contact us to learn more about our products, services, and complete commitment to your total satisfaction. Request a quote to receive pricing, timeline, and other estimates specific to your order.
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