SH Attachment

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Model Number: 540106

Oil Fired Heater Attachment will turn any cold water pressure washer into hot water. Burner runs on 120 Volt AC current and heats using Diesel Fuel. Adjustable Thermostat, 50' connection hose on reel. Maximum 4000 PSI, Maximum water flow 4 GPM to achieve a 140 degree rise in water temperature.

540106 Product Specifications

  • Brand: Cam Spray
  • Water Type: Hot
  • Mounting Type: C
  • Product Dimensions: 42" X 34" X 58"
  • Ship Weight: 350
  • Heated By: Diesel Fuel
540106 Features
  • Maximum 4000 psi
  • Max Temp rise is 140° F at 4 gpm flow.
Price: $3,199.00
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