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Electric vs. Gas-Powered Sewer Jetters: Which is Right for You?

Industrial sewer jetters are an effective way to clear blockages, obstructions, and substance buildup from drains and sewer systems. However, with so many configurations on the market, determining the most suitable model can be difficult. Two popular options are electric sewer jetters and gas-powered sewer jetters. While each delivers powerful performances, they are suited to different tasks. Your best option will depend on your application parameters.

Cam Spray has led the industry with USA-made sewer jetters and pressure washers since 1963, and we’re ready to pass our decades of market-specific expertise onto you. Our resources are built to assist you as you compare gas-powered and electric sewer jetters, and our representatives are standing by to answer any questions. Contact us or call 641-200-1139 today.

When to Choose an Electric Sewer Jetter

Electric sewer jetters are versatile, compact solutions for indoor cleaning jobs. Electric sewer jetters are ideal for smaller commercial or residential drains and offer excellent portability, quiet operations, and lower maintenance requirements than gas-powered models. While they are not the best fit for all jobs, electric sewer jetters are a good option when:
  • You are clearing smaller residential or commercial drains under 4” in diameter
  • You must operate the sewer jetter indoors
  • You do not require hot water
  • You want a highly portable, lightweight sewer jetter ** our larger units weigh in excess of 300 lbs
  • You want quieter operations that don’t disrupt normal workflow
Before beginning operations, check the compatibility between the electric sewer jetter and your electrical supply. 

Electric Sewer Jetter Configurations

Electric cold water sewer jetters are available in various configurations to match your job's needs. Specifications include:
  • Flow rates from 2 GPM through 5 GPM
  • Water intensity from 1000 PSI through 4000 PSI
  • Skid-mounted or cart-mounted to match your needs
  • And many other features!
Custom electric sewer jetters are available to meet the needs of non-standard applications. Contact us to learn more about designing a specialized solution.

When to Choose a Gas-Powered Sewer Jetter

Gas-powered sewer jetters are the better option for tough jobs, large drains, and extreme clogs. They provide higher water pressures and increased flow rates than electric models. Gas-powered sewer jetters, particularly hot water options, are ideal for clearing ice, grease, and other heavy-duty blockages. Choose a gas-powered sewer jetter when:
  • You are clearing larger commercial, industrial, or municipal drains
  • You must operate the gas powered sewer jetter outdoors
  • You may require a heater attachment built into the sewer jetter
  • You need heavy-duty operations and durable constructions
  • You have high GPM or PSI requirements
Any sewer jetter that utilizes fuel must be used outdoors, as inadequate ventilation can lead to significant health and safety consequences including death. 

Gas-Powered Sewer Jetter Configurations

Gas-powered sewer jetters are available in an extensive range of heated and unheated configurations. Your best choice will vary depending on the rigors of your job, but could include: PSI capabilities, flow rates, and other specifications vary depending on your selected model. Explore our catalog for in-depth information.

Everything You Need to Know About Industrial Sewer Jetters

Comparing electric and gas-powered sewer jetters is one step in determining which model is right for your specific needs. Cam Spray’s Ultimate Guide to Sewer Jetters is designed to help as you continue your purchasing journey. From choosing between hot and cold water jetters to evaluating if industrial-strength capabilities are required for your job, our guide has the answers.

Cam Spray is Your Top USA Sewer Jetter Manufacturer

Cam Spray is your #1 source for all sewer jetting knowledge, top-of-the-line equipment, and unparalleled customer service. From our headquarters in Iowa Falls, Iowa, we pride ourselves on building USA-made industrial drain and sewer jetters the old-fashioned way: one at a time and tested by hand. Contact us today to learn more about electric vs. gas-powered sewer jetters. Request a quote to discuss pricing estimates and turnaround times specific to your order.
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