Gas and Diesel powered cold water models

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Model Part # Code Pump Insert Manual
1800H 519556 GE31HO4 TT Gas/Diesel
  519556 XTV3HO4 XTV Gas/Diesel
1000B 519515 GE20BR4 TT Gas/Diesel
  519515 XTV2BR4 XTV Gas/Diesel
1500B 519545 GE31BR5 TT Gas/Diesel
  519545 XTV1BR5 XTV Gas/Diesel
1600H 519550 GE31HO5 TT Gas/Diesel
  519550 XTV1HO5 XTV Gas/Diesel
1450BXS 1450BXS XH1BR35   Gas/Diesel
1500BX 519555 GE31BR5 TT Gas/Diesel
  519555 XTV1BR5 XTV Gas/Diesel
1600HX 519560 GE31HO5 TT Gas/Diesel
  519560 XTV1HO5 XTV Gas/Diesel
1600HX DRM DD1327 GE31HO5 TT Gas/Diesel