Pick-up mount and trailer models

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Model Part # Code Insert Manual
1500PM 519802 2SF5HO5 2SF  
1500MPM 519801 2SF5HO5 2SF  
1500HT 519798 2SF5HO5 2SF  
25006HT 519810 2SF6HO4 2SF  
25006BT 519805 2SF6BR5 2SF  
2000HT 519820 ML2HO6 MKL4040W  
  519820 5DX1HO6 5DX  
2000BT 519815 ML2HO6 MKL4040W  
  519815 5DX1HO6 5DX  
3000HT 519830 ML2HO4 MKL4040W  
  519830 5DX1HO4 5DX  
4000BT 519832 ML2BR4 MKL4040W  
4000DT 519833 ML2BR4 MKL4040W  
3505TRDHT-125 181604 MKC2HO5 MKC1824S  
3505TRDHT-300 181704 MKC2HO5 MKC1824S  
25006TRDHZT 25006TRDHZT   2SF  
3000TRDHT 3000TRDHT   MKL4040W  
2505TRDHZT 2505TRDHZT   MKC1824S  
4000TRDBT 4000TRDBT   MKC1824S  
CAT TRAILER 150-7745   MKC1824S  
4000TRDBT 1ST UNITS 60G1BR4 60G1