Pressure Washer Foam Attachment

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Price: $120.00

Model Number: 527100M

Foamer Attachment with 32 oz bottle

This pressure washer foamer attachment is used to dispense chemicals in a foam consistency. Foam will stick to the surface longer so the detergent will have more time to work on the film, dirt or grease. This foamer for pressure washers includes twist fast adapter to couple to wand. 
  • M22-QC and 1/4" QC Plug are included to atrtach to wand.
  • Order # M22-QC Adapter if your machine uses Q Meg tips.
This spray attachment is rated for up to 5000 psi, minimum recommended usage at 1.5 gpm @ 1100 psi, maximum operating temperatture of 140 degree F.


527100M Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 12" X 7" X 5"
  • Ship Weight: 2

Pressure Washer
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