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Pressure Washers

Cam Spray is a leading manufacturer of industrial grade cold and hot water pressure washers, steam pressure washers and washing systems. Our pressure washers are of the highest quality, built with powerful motors and durable components. Cam Spray industrial pressure washing systems are designed to last, for heavy use by those who earn their livings in the cleaning business. There is no job too big or too dirty for Cam Spray pressure washers.


About Cam Spray Pressure Washers

Cam Spray’s hot water pressure washers are powerful machines, specially designed for industrial and commercial pressure washing applications. We manufacture pressure washers in more than 180 different styles and models, including electric-, diesel-, and gas-powered models and hot- and cold-water and steam versions.

Our smaller pressure washers can exert up to 1,000 psi with a water flow rate up to two gallons per minute. Larger Cam Spray pressure washers have power levels up to 5,000 psi and can blast out up to 20 gallons of water per minute. We even offer hydraulic-powered pressure washers.

Our outstanding range of power levels and styles ensures that we have the right pressure washer for any application!

Our industrial trailer mounted pressure washers are designed for portable use, carry their own water supplies, and come equipped with road-ready trailers. They’re ideal for the commercial cleaner on the go, whether you’re pressure washing vehicles on an auto sales lot or cleaning the exterior of a large commercial building.

Because they keep the machinery off the floor, wall mounted pressure washers are perfect for any situation where sanitation is an issue. You’ll find Cam Spray’s wall mounted pressure washers in daily use in a number of commercial settings, particularly in restaurants and grocery stores.

Cam Spray industrial pressure washers are used around the clock by commercial cleaners who work hard to keep public areas clean. Whether you need a portable hot water pressure washer, a pressure washer mounted on a pickup truck or trailer, or a steam pressure washer, we have the right model for your unique needs. There is no job too big or too dirty for Cam Spray pressure washers!

Contact us today for more information on any of our high powered, high performance pressure washers.

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