Industrial sewer jetters are powerful cleaning machines used to clear industrial, commercial, or municipal drain and sewer systems. Designed with higher PSI capabilities and more rugged constructions than residential equipment, heavy-duty industrial sewer jetters can handle long operational hours, extreme clogs, and other messes. However, this caliber of cleaning equipment is a significant investment for any business. Use these considerations while evaluating which sewer jetter is best for your planned application:
  • What PSI or GPM capabilities do you need?
  • Does your job require hot water?
  • What is your available budget?
  • How often do you plan to use your sewer jetter?
Visit our Ultimate Guide to Sewer Jetters for more information on choosing the right industrial hydro jetter for your job sites, or call 800-648-5011 to speak directly to a representative about your specifications. 

What are Industrial Sewer Jetters Used for?

Industrial sewer jetters use a variety of cleaning, clearing, and jetting capabilities to unclog or clear obstructions from sewer and drain systems, including:
  • Pipe cleaning and blockage clearing
  • Culvert cleaning
  • Relining Pipes
  • Clearing Grease
  • Blasting tree roots
  • Pressure washing

Pipe Cleaning & Blockage Clearing

Cleaning pipes and clearing blockages from sewer systems and drains is the most common use for industrial hydro jetting equipment. Over time, pipes build up residue, grease, and other debris that need clearing for your sewer or drain system to operate as intended. Industrial sewer jetters are your best solution for maintaining and clearing: Sewer Line Jetting a Blocked Drain

Culvert Cleaning

Culverts are large drains that pass beneath roads, embankments, and other infrastructure. Due to their large size and exposed locations, culverts easily become blocked or clogged with debris. To clear these large obstructions, a specialty hydro jetter is required, with features that include:
  • High-pressure, high-flow nozzles
  • High GPM capabilities
  • High PSI capabilities
  • Mobile or transportable constructions
For unique culvert cleaning applications, you may find that a custom sewer jetter is the best way to meet your exact requirements. Custom designs will ensure you receive the mounting style, operational capabilities, and other elements necessary to clean culverts.

Relining Pipes

Relining pipes involves building a new pipe within a damaged existing one as a no-dig repair solution. Before pipe relining can occur, the surface of the existing broken or cracked pipe must be cleaned in preparation. Industrial sewer jetters provide comprehensive cleaning abilities for this prep work.

Clearing Grease

The best options for pipes, tubes, or systems that deal with large amounts of grease are hot water industrial sewer jetters. Able to reach temperatures up to 160°F, hydro jetters with hot water quickly and easily cut through grease, fats, oil, ice, and similar buildup.

Blasting Tree Root Clogs

Tree roots can work into sewage and other pipe systems over time, causing expensive and destructive clogs. Industrial sewer jetters with high PSI capabilities can blast tree roots from residential, commercial, or industrial systems.

Pressure Washing

While the primary function of industrial hydro jetters is to clear, clean, and unclog drains or sewers, they can also be used for some surface cleaning jobs. Pressure washers will still be the more practical choice for this application, but by selecting the appropriate guns and wands, hoses, reels, and other accessories, sewer jetters can be used for pressure washing. 

Cam Spray Industrial Sewer Jetters Deliver Reliable & Comprehensive Cleaning

Cam Spray is your #1 source for USA-made industrial sewer jetters and other high-pressure industrial cleaning solutions. We bring hard work and family values to every order and always go the extra mile to ensure you only receive the best equipment. Each of our industrial hydro jetters is manufactured at our facility in Iowa Falls, Iowa, the old-fashioned way: one at a time and tested by hand.

To learn more about how Cam Spray can serve your business, explore our products, resources, and custom services. Contact us with questions and request a quote to get started. A sewer jetter expert will be in touch as soon as possible.
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