Cam Spray offers several options when it comes to training, allowing you to choose what you would like to know.

We are here for you, face to face or by phone

The training we provide most often is a “walk around” of the machinery you are purchasing. This is done by the company you purchase the equipment from when your machine is picked up or delivered. Operator manuals are supplied with the equipment and are easy to follow. Please take the time to read through the manual on proper setup and installation.

Pay close attention to things like the electrical service needed to be sure an electric powered machine has adequate electrical service supplied. Also, pay close attention to the water supply on your equipment—every piece of equipment we make that pumps water has a GPM (gallon per minute) rate displayed. The water supply must deliver more water than the rated GPM listed as many times other devices are also using water in your facility.

For any machine using a gas engine, Cam Spray recommends you use products like Seafoam or Stabil in every tank of fuel. Today’s gas engines are built with close tolerances and any varnishing or aging of the fuel can happen very quickly between uses in summer months. This varnishing and aging of the fuel can cause damage to engines needing costly repairs... and damage from bad fuel is not something warranty will cover. If any questions arise please call us, we are here for you.

Need some more intense training?

On large equipment, we can do training in our facility in Iowa Falls, Iowa, at the time the equipment is picked up, or you can visit us prior to delivery.

We offer this training free of charge, and it usually lasts less than 3 hours. We will arrange for a walk around of the equipment, going over start-up, operation, and shut down procedures. We will talk about storage, winterization, cold climate operation, and maintenance. We will show you what oil levels should be checked frequently, talk about oil changes, and typical system maintenance.

We will also spend some time showing you how to perform repairs like changing pressure pop off valves, unloaders, setting the pressure properly, nozzle maintenance and changing, replacement of pump seals and valves, and other repairs you can easily perform yourself.

Maintenance and repair can also be discussed on the phone. If you have the tools and some time we can talk you through most maintenance and repair circumstances on the phone.

Training at your facilities

For companies that require on-site training, we will have one of our staff come to your facility and do training on site. Training cost is quoted and would include air travel if necessary, car rental or mileage, hotel arrangements and the hourly cost of the training. Please contact us if you are interested in an on-site training quote.

If at any time you have questions about your machine operation, maintenance, or repair we are free to speak with you by phone on any questions you may have.
Pressure Washer
Our American made pressure washers and drain jetters are built the old-fashioned way: one at a time and tested by hand