Correctly sized and configured spray tip nozzles allow your pressure washer to deliver high-quality cleaning in any industrial setting. If you select a spray tip nozzle that is too small, you may create too much pressure in your pressure washer and overload the pump, resulting in engine shutdowns or electrical issues. Too large, and you will not achieve the force required for your cleaning job.

Cam Spray is here to help. Our pressure washer nozzle size calculator is designed to make selecting the best spray nozzle size for your industrial application quick, easy, and stress-free using a proven formula. Simply input your operating pump flow (GPM) and operating pressure (PSI) to discover the best spray tip size for your planned use and specific equipment.

When it comes to choosing the right spray tip nozzle size for your industrial pressure washer, understanding your operating pump flow in Gallons Per Minute (GPM) and operating pressure in PSI is essential. Cam Spray's pressure washer nozzle size calculator simplifies this process, ensuring you select the optimal nozzle size for your specific equipment and planned use. If you're looking to learn more about GPM and PSI and their significance in pressure washing, visit our dedicated page for a comprehensive guide on these crucial specifications.
Operating pump flow in Gallons Per Minute and operating pressure in PSI.
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Spray Tip Nozzles for Industrial Pressure Washers

After you have used our pressure washer nozzle size calculator to find the best configuration for your application and equipment, peruse our available options for high-performing spray tips:
  • Tip Turbo
  • Tip Multi-Reg
  • Sandblast
  • Foamer Attachments
Many sizes, configurations, and product dimensions are available to meet the needs of your industrial application. Before purchasing any pressure washer accessories, consult your pressure washer’s manual to find exact specifications, including ideal operating pressures, restrictions, and other specifications. If you no longer have your Cam Spray pressure washer manual, visit our technical resources to find the correct model.

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