Many substances pass through drains and sewer systems every day, particularly in residential homes, apartment complexes, and other facilities. Blockages caused by grease, oils, particulates, and other obstructions can bring normal operations to a complete halt. The solution? Industrial drain cleaning jetter equipment.

Considerations for Purchasing Drain Cleaning Jetter Equipment

No two jobs are the same, so it is important to evaluate your planned use before purchasing a drain cleaning sewer jetter. Considerations include: SW4005V Portable Sewer Jetter
  • What blockages do you most often need to clear, such as grease, oil, ice, or something else?
  • How often do you expect to use your drain cleaning jetter? For what operating timespan?
  • What size or type of drain lines will need to be cleared?
  • What pressure and flow requirements do you need to meet?
  • Is your drain indoors or outdoors? Is it easily accessible? What power sources are available?
  • Do you require non-standard features, like an unusual hose length or nozzle design?
Visit our Ultimate Guide to Drain and Sewer Jetters for further considerations. 

The Benefits of Industrial Drain Cleaning Jetters vs. Residential Equipment

Many configurations of drain cleaning sewer jetters are available on the market at varying price points, ranging from low-price up to fully custom-manufactured sewer jetters. However, with drain cleaning jetters, there is often a correlation between price point and performance ability. Cheap residential models may save you money upfront, but they are also more likely to break easier, fail to clear your obstruction, and not hold up to extended use.
When you frequently deal with blockages in a residential area, commercial facility, or as a part of your industry, your best solution will be an industrial drain cleaning sewer jetter. Industrial models, such as options sold by Cam Spray, are built to handle any job. They feature heavy-duty constructions, customizable configurations, enhanced pressure capabilities, and comprehensive flow rates. While industrial sewer jetters cost more initially, they make up for the price tag through lower maintenance requirements and better overall performances. 

Hot Water vs. Cold Water Industrial Drain Cleaning Jetters

Two main industrial drain cleaning jetters are available: hot water and cold water models. Which is best for your business will depend on your planned use, budget, and other factors.
  • Cold water drain cleaning jetters can accomplish 95% of sewer clearing jobs. They are available powered by electricity, gas, or diesel to match your requirements, and they are an excellent choice when budget is a top concern.
  • Hot water drain cleaning jetters are gas or diesel-powered with a built-in coil and diesel burner assembly. They are the best choice for tough clearing applications, including grease, oils, fats, ice, and more. Due to the gas engine and diesel burner, they are recommended only for outdoor use.

Portable Drain Cleaning Jetter Equipment to Fit Your Needs

Industrial drain cleaning jetters have more portability options than residential models, allowing you to take your cleaning equipment to any job site. TM3012H - P00552 Gas powered sewer jetter Portable drain cleaning sewer jetter choices include:

Cam Spray Manufactures the Best Industrial Drain Cleaning Jetters

Cam Spray is your #1 source for USA-made industrial drain cleaning jetter equipment. At our facility in Iowa Falls, Iowa, we design and engineer the best sewer jetting equipment to support your operations. All of our high-pressure products are built the old-fashioned way, one at a time and tested by hand, to be sure that you only receive efficient and quality final products.

Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities or for assistance choosing the right industrial drain cleaning jetter for your application. Request a quote to start your order.
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