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Model Part # Code Pump Insert Manual
1000C 519436 XTV2LE4 XTV Electric
1500C 519629 XTV1LE5 XTV Electric
1500 519628 XTV1LE5 XTV Electric
1000 519444 XTV2LE4 XTV Electric
1000A 1000A GE234 1000A Electric
1500AC 1500AC HPE1AR35 HPE Electric
1500A.1 1500A.1 GE2135 1.5-2.0 PM Electric
  1500A.1 HPE1AR35 HPE Electric
1500ADE 1500ADE GE2135 1.5-2.0 PM Electric
  1500ADE HPE1AR35 HPE Electric
1500ADS 1500ADS GE2135 1.5-2.0 PM Electric
  1500ADS HPE1AR35 HPE Electric
1500A 1500A GE2135 1.5-2.0 PM Electric
  1500A HPE1AR35 HPE Electric
SEPW1500P SEPW1500P GE2135 1.5-2.0 PM Electric
  SEPW1500P HPE1AR35 HPE Electric
PRW1450 PRW1450 GE2135 1.5-2.0 PM Electric
  PRW1450 HPE1AR35 HPE Electric
1000DS 519444C 2SF2BA4 2SF Electric
1000S 519444.S GE20BA4 TT Electric
1500WM 1500WM 2SF3BA5 2SF MXWM
1000WM 1000WM 2SF2BA4 2SF MXWM
C1000EC 519399 HPV1AR4 HPV Electric
C1000E 519400 GE224 1.5-2.0 PM Electric
Pressure Washer
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